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Earth Day ft. The Candy

Originally posted on Fat Guy Workout:
This image is made by The candy as a sweet gesture Today is Earth Day and I am bringing you a very special blog to draw your attention to this important day. I will…

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Happy 🌎 Earth 🌍 Month 🌏

Spring has sprungThe grass is rizI wonder where dem boidies is?Some say da boid is on da wingBut dat’s absoid –I always thought da wing was on da boid… My Dad (1927–2012) 10 ways you can shape a brighter future … Continue reading

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Using leaf appropriation to tackle the climate crisis

Readers of my wibblettes over the years may have got the impression that I’m not exactly a fan of advertising (and that would be right). Even when such ‘communications’ give an honest portrayal of the product or service on offer, … Continue reading

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Exploring the deep and beyond for Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day, folks! Today is special, as it marks the fiftieth anniversary of Earth Day. To celebrate this event, I want to point you to a couple of thingies… Recently, Kavita Ramial introduced me to a deep dive (10 … Continue reading

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The case for optimism on climate change

March, 2016: This video may be four years old, but it still shows promise…. (25 mins) November, 2018: Trump is on the scene now — but can he stop a steamroller? (6 mins) April 2020: Coronavirus and climate change (51 … Continue reading

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21 Questions for 2020: #15

Originally posted on Transition Times:
15. Question for Earth Day: Will humans seize the potential of this corona-induced “time-out” to move towards “conscious evolution”? For some time I’ve been writing with grief and shame about the way humans, particularly my…

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Remembering Earth Day

Every Earth Day I force myself to look at it. It sits in its place on the wall, oblivious to the new reality. A mute reminder of that time, long ago now; an epoch some consider to be the pinnacle … Continue reading

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A haiku for Earth Day 2020

The future is bright As long as we do what’s right Don’t give up the fight I’m dedicating this haiku to Earth Day 2020 (22 April), the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! The theme for Earth Day 2020 is climate … Continue reading

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