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Sanity’s edge

At times of loss, then it does seem As though all flat is my being Eyes open, yet nothing seeing; Alone, I wander through a dream. Crazed horizons: a mottled theme Beckons me to sanity’s edge. A splintered mind; a … Continue reading

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Mission accomplished; we were heading out of The Complex when I saw her. She was working on an assembly line, mindlessly repeating the same actions over and over again. Her body moved with fastidious, entrancing grace. Memories of our time … Continue reading

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Thinking big on a smaller scale

Two arguments I hear consistently raised against wind power are: Sounds fine – until it’s not windy. Sounds grand – but not in MY back yard kthxbai. To take the second point first: let’s face it, we’re all NIMBYs. None … Continue reading

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