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Strong at heart; these powerful steeds thunder through, fully unrestrained revelling in freedom ingrained. This natural, majestic breed arising from an ancient seed was born to run, and run it shall through brush, and plain, and chapparal. When they are … Continue reading

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There’s no room to be complacent; we must not resort to pretext, it’s all up to us what comes next. Though our plans may still be nascent and our aims may be adjacent to those already in progress: constantly targets … Continue reading

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Conflagration denied

When logic dictates to seethe with anger and hate the world has gone mad. When those around seem to conspire and aim to set the world aflame; and power acts to play a game to reach at its own heart’s … Continue reading

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Travel beyond

The sea was calm, it urged me on Towards a future, bright and clear I tarried not, I had no fear My dearest wish, travel beyond; The universe it did respond It called to me across the sea Instilled a … Continue reading

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Here’s something I would like to share without being extra formal because it’s perfectly normal, it’s true for us all anywhere; I am quite sure you are aware whether or not it’s slow or fast there’s one thing that can … Continue reading

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Avian thievery

“It’s not true!” — Were it merely said. It’s puzzling! I would have thought by someone it must have been taught to recognise a loaf of bread. Not a thing to which it was bred; that resembles not a wheatsheaf. … Continue reading

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The rugged watchers on the shore Rest and wait; gazing out to sea For aeons, standing patiently Old protectors in days of yore Realm defenders, fealty sworn. The danger is long gone: long past Yet still they stand, and at … Continue reading

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Sanity’s edge

At times of loss, then it does seem As though all flat is my being Eyes open, yet nothing seeing; Alone, I wander through a dream. Crazed horizons: a mottled theme Beckons me to sanity’s edge. A splintered mind; a … Continue reading

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