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What happened at COP26? And what next?

COP26 summarised in a haiku:

In Pandora’s Box
Hope’s frosty note lay unread:
“Down pub getting drunk.” Continue reading

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How to solve all the world’s problems

We’ve never been here before. As I think the majority of us all aware, our world is facing a series of global crises, which include (but are not limited to): climate change the unremitting attack on the world’s rainforests the … Continue reading

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Unwinding the Human Predicament

From here, reproduced with permission from the author Jack Alpert of the Stanford Knowledge Integration Laboratory, with a hat tip to Damn the Matrix for pointing me in this direction: Note: this is an unfinished work, comments welcome alpert (at) … Continue reading

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Wibble (an explanation)

The thought process that ended with the decision to call my blog ‘Wibble’ is lost in the mists of time. But recreating that sequence of events isn’t all that hard…. I first encountered the word ‘wibble’ (some may maintain it’s … Continue reading

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A Large Crisis is Imminent

Welcome to day two of my ‘three day quote challenge’. ‘Day one’ is here. I need to thank rayoflight144 for presenting me with this challenge — I’ve just done so, with a pingback. Today’s nominations for three blogs to take … Continue reading

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What goes around, comes around

Who controls the money supply? This is a fascinating subject. Incredibly, while people believe that they understand how money works, the vast majority don’t appreciate the reality. The documentary ‘97% Owned‘ (below) highlights the fact that if we continue as … Continue reading

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What’s the answer to a world gone mad?

Find out more about the economics of happiness.

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