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Originally posted on MODERN TIMES IN MUDSHIRES:
Money creation should only be used in the public interest ? The same banks that caused the financial crisis currently have the power to create 97% of the UK’s money. They’ve used this…

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Skeptics: Stop Calling Deniers “Skeptics”

Originally posted on Climate Denial Crock of the Week:
As climate denial goes the way of snake oil and table tipping, real Skeptics would like the media to please stop sullying their good name. Skeptical Inquirer: Prominent scientists, science communicators,…

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Capitalism vs The Climate

I believe myself to be a realist. I have no doubt that many who know me would scoff at this, having long ago slotted me firmly in the ‘pessimist’ pigeonhole. Nevertheless, my weeks of late seem to be full of … Continue reading

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Macrocosmic communication

Our understanding, fragmentary though it is, examines our universe from the microcosmic to the macrocosmic, revealing structural similarities at vastly different scales. On the quantum level, particles interact with each other — in ways that we only vaguely grasp. Atoms … Continue reading

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Even the pessimists got it wrong

Originally posted on David Robertson:
This is one of those “you bunch of bastards” moments. Moments that the people on the right don’t want you to have. It’s not that I’m against people having lots of money, or even a…

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Stop, you fools—you’ll kill us all!

All truth passes through three states: First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. And third, it is accepted as self-evident. So said Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher (1788-1860) — or perhaps that was someone else. First they ignore you, … Continue reading

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Peer pressure and the blind spot

(Many thanks to Richard Wiseman for the link.) Did you notice the poor free-thinker (right hand side, second row)? Eventually, even she succumbed… I wonder: is this how peer pressure works? When surrounded by folks behaving in a certain way, … Continue reading

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Wishful thinking in lala land

I’m currently reading Richard Wiseman’s new book ‘Rip It Up’. It begins by talking about a nineteenth century philosopher, William James — a man who was well aware that conventional wisdom can often be deeply misleading. Among a great many … Continue reading

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Seeing the real world

I seem to have hit a period of recurring themes, coming back to haunt me like a Sierpinski triangle. A boss of mine some years ago (nice chap) was adamant that he had reached a stage in his life in … Continue reading

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The illusion of free will

There are several episodes in my life about which I sometimes stop and think, and wonder how things might have turned out had I chosen a different path. In each case, the decision I made at the time was determined … Continue reading

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