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Who needs a hug?

‘Earth hug day‘: 12 December 2014. who has supported you all your life without asking for anything in return? fresh air, clear water, food, stability and unconditional love… the earth provides. the earth cares. the earth loves! it’s about time … Continue reading

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The march of progress: ONWARD!

My silence here of late is largely due to the distressing feeling that not only is humanity heading, in lockstep, in entirely the wrong direction; we’re changing pace from a jog to a trot, chivvied along by blinkered politicos whose … Continue reading

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JourneyQuest: at long last, our story continues!

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To the pain!

Things are definitely looking up for JourneyQuest. The JourneyQuest Kickstarter campaign has generated the $100,000 necessary to guarantee a feature-length season two — and with another six more days to go, there’s still a chance that they’ll be able to … Continue reading

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