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What you believe can affect your appetite

I learnt a new word today: ‘ghrelin‘. It’s a hormone produced by the stomach that regulates hunger. If you have more ghrelin in your system, you’ll tend to feel hungry; if you have less of it, then you’ll tend to … Continue reading

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Poles apart

May I please have five minutes (and 31 seconds)* of your time? With many thanks to Peter Sinclair, I offer two video clips he’s recently presented on his blog Climate Denial Crock of the Week that reveal what’s unfolding on … Continue reading

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Could do better: why we must set young minds free

Originally posted on VIVID:
In the same week that my 16 year old son began assessing his options for subjects and sixth form colleges for next year, his 11 year old brother made a bold but flawed attempt to bunk…

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Who needs a hug?

‘Earth hug day‘: 12 December 2014. who has supported you all your life without asking for anything in return? fresh air, clear water, food, stability and unconditional love… the earth provides. the earth cares. the earth loves! it’s about time … Continue reading

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Capitalism vs The Climate

I believe myself to be a realist. I have no doubt that many who know me would scoff at this, having long ago slotted me firmly in the ‘pessimist’ pigeonhole. Nevertheless, my weeks of late seem to be full of … Continue reading

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What can I do?

Humanity’s demands on our planet’s resources now exceeds nature’s ability to regenerate by a massive 50%. This means that we would need one and a half planet Earths to support humanity’s current ecological footprint. And — largely due to ignorance … Continue reading

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The right to choose

By a devious route that is an idiosyncrasy — emphasis on the crazy — of this innerwebz thingy I stumbled upon the following video for the first time, just now. In respect for the memory of my dear friend, I … Continue reading

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Where oceans meet

[ A heads-up after the event: Gail (of Wit’s End) immediately leapt in with what I think is crucial input as soon as this post was published. So please do read the comments section below, too! ] I’ve recently been … Continue reading

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Thank you for not breeding

Phasing out the human race by voluntarily ceasing to breed will allow Earth’s biosphere to return to good health. Crowded conditions and resource shortages will improve as we become less dense.* “May we live long and die out” find out … Continue reading

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