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Good news: wa’ mIn has been reunited with his family!

I was going to simply add an addendum to last week’s wibblette to announce the good news… but then I realised that a better choice would be to make a separate post about it, as this would make it more … Continue reading

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It would seem that <wa’ mIn> has adopted me…

Is this your cat? … because it’s not mine. I made a mistake a few days ago (yep; another one). I’d better start at the beginning… I’ve seen this one-eyed black cat around the neighbourhood for some time now. It’s … Continue reading

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For Minouche

Kitten : Little furball Skittering underfoot Teasing yourself into my heart Sharing A feline lifetime of friendship Years of frolicking fun All too soon gone : Farewell

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Cats and Fences

This morning, I was leaning on a fence looking out into the distance; past hedgerows and trees into rolling countryside that stretched away and vanished into the distance, all under a bright blue sky. It looked very calm, very tranquil, very English. While … Continue reading

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