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Is “better late than never” always true?

The Question Is “better late than never” always true, or are there times where never would be the preferred option? PCGuyIV’s ‘Truthful Tuesday’: June 1st, 2021 After pondering this awhile, I have a problem with this, as it’s not one … Continue reading

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UK government: please introduce charges on carbon emissions

tl;dr Air pollution kills 64,000 people in the UK every year, yet the Government provides annual fossil fuel subsidies of £10.5 billion, according to the European Commission. To meet UK climate targets, the Government must end this practice and introduce … Continue reading

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Think before you thank?

Research in 2019 by expert survey consultants Censuswide, commissioned and publicised by OVO Energy, revealed that more than 64m ‘unnecessary’ emails are sent every day. One result of this is the emission of nearly 23,500 tonnes of additional carbon, in … Continue reading

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