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Defeating the list block walloftext problem using CSS

Addendum 09Aug2021:I submitted a bug report via GitHub back in Feb2021 related to the problem I noted below about an aspect of the aberrant behaviour of the block editor in certain situations: Inline CSS is lost in a List block … Continue reading

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Scribble: Rant – No Variations on the Theme, revisited

The preamble to the preamble I spent three hours (!) this morning talking with ‘a’ WordPress Happiness Engineer, (to whom I shall refer as ‘HE’ and ‘they’, for reasons that will become apparent, should you actually make it that far; … Continue reading

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How to Use the Classic Block on the Block Editor on WordPress.com

Originally posted on ThoughtsnLifeBlog:
AHHH why are WordPress.com forcing us to go the the Block Editor on the 1st June 2020. Well, I am sure you know the reason why. If you are feeling daunted by this, and nervous, do…

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