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Understanding the exponential function

Professor Albert Bartlett famously said: The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function. One of the reasons that this is a ‘shortcoming’ is simply that the term ‘exponential function‘ is obscure to many. … Continue reading

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Seeing three dimensions in two dimensions

Let me tell you right off the bat here that this isn’t an April Fool’s post. I promise you that. I’ve just learned from The Observation Post that April is apparently ‘National Humor Month’*; this post isn’t meant to be … Continue reading

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Seeing the real world

I seem to have hit a period of recurring themes, coming back to haunt me like a Sierpinski triangle. A boss of mine some years ago (nice chap) was adamant that he had reached a stage in his life in … Continue reading

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Big brother’s eyesight can’t be any better than ours…

Who is this? It’s Albert Einstein, right? OK, stand up and back off from the screen a few feet. Look again… Who is it now? … and do you think that videocamera evidence should be admissable? Thanks, Jane, for sending … Continue reading

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