A technique for improving your safety in cyberspace

I would normally write a long rambling preamble to this video about how important it is to protect yourself online (and provide a transcript, too), but I don’t have time for that at the moment. Sorry!

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

PS This video mentions Google Authenticator; I use that myself. But I spotted a while back that there’s a problem with it – here’s a link to my suggested solution to that.

PPS If you’re still using the same password to access everything, that will bite you in the arse one day, and hard. Spending some time setting up a password safe is a worthwhile investment.

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8 Responses to A technique for improving your safety in cyberspace

  1. Much needed advice.
    Thank you.

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  2. … So, my workplace has recently stepped up their game and decided to have me log in to everything with the use of my phone. Every single time.
    Well, you might remember that I’m not very big on my ‘smart’phone so sometimes I forget about it. The other day, I went to work only to realize that I left my phone at home. Welp, can’t do ANYTHING at work without it. Back home I went. Great security… (In the meantime, I find out that people have not been updating their computers for years… Priorities…)

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    • peNdantry says:

      Bah. You can’t accuse me of being a technophobe, but the insistence on using tech absolutely everywhere (and all too often in ways that are poorly thought out) is driving me more than a little nuts. I fear for the future when I’m unable to make myself a decent cup of tea as I can’t get to the milk because I’ve forgotten that the fridge door has been ‘updated’ to only respond to voice commands. That, and, of course, our increasing over-reliance on tech means that the next Carrington Event (which is overdue) will blow us all out of the water…

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  3. Bill Ziegler says:

    Fortunately, our son administers 1Password for the entire household; he also backs us up and watches over the cloud. I prefer using passwords that employ a heuristic, such as:


    unless a Procrustean sort imposes a short/long bed.

    We met a Lufthansa pilot at an Indian restaurant this afternoon. ‘Twas a polyglotal mash up. I mentioned learning Arabic. Haha!!

    لحسن الحظ ، يدير ابننا كلمة مرور واحدة للأسرة بأكملها ؛ كما أنه يدعمنا ويراقب السحابة. أنا أفضل استخدام كلمات المرور التي تستخدم الاستدلال ، مثل:
    كلمة. شوربة. صلاح
    ما لم يفرض نوع Procrustean سرير قصير / طويل.
    التقينا طيار لوفتهانزا في مطعم هندي بعد ظهر اليوم. “كان مزيج متعدد اللغات. ذكرت تعلم اللغة العربية. هاها !!
    lihasan alhazi , yudir aibnana kalimat murur wahidat lil’usrat bi’akmaliha ; kama ‘anah yadeamuna wayuraqib alsahabata. ‘ana ‘ufadil astikhdam kalimat almurur alati tastakhdim aliastidlal , mithla:
    kalimatu. shurbata. salah

    Wilhelm1947 — reminding me of the famous Wilhelm Scream:

    I scream; therefore, I am

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    • peNdantry says:

      1Password, good; but I have to admit that I wouldn’t like to be in your shoes if your son is unavailable when you need his help to access your bank account (not to mention everything else)…

      Thank you for introducing me to something (the Wilhelm Scream) that I never knew of before – and curse you, too, as now I know about it it’ll break the fourth wall every time I hear it from now on! aaaaAAAAaaarggghhh!

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