We need to treat climate change as the emergency it is

Global heat map comparison, 1976 and 2022

There are still far too many in denial of reality.

I’ve said it all before. I’m tired of being told I’m an ‘alarmist’.

‘Enjoy’ the heatwave, folks. And remember, from here on it only gets ‘better’.

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Phlyarologist (part-time) and pendant. Campaigner for action against anthropogenic global warming (AGW) and injustice in all its forms. Humanist, atheist, notoftenpist. Wannabe poet, writer and astronaut.
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21 Responses to We need to treat climate change as the emergency it is

  1. Jeff Cann says:

    Much of the global community has made up its minds. Much like guns in the U.S. we’d rather react to tragedies than implement any policies that might make a difference one day. Even if we took dramatic action now on carbon emissions, which we (the united states and many other countries) won’t, it will take a lifetime to reap any benefits. Not enough obvious reward to endure any pain. I stopped blogging on climate change about four years ago when I finally realized nothing is ever going to change. As a side note, I think I’ve gotten to the same place with US gun control. We are a very selfish nation.

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    • Jeff, I think it is more complex than that, and I am at the age where I don’t have a clue as to what is happening. But it is the younger generation who will have to deal with it. They will have no choice! If NASA and the other countries can design and build and launch the James Webb Space Telescope then we can do anything we want to. We just need the younger group of leaders to make it happen.

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      • Jeff Cann says:

        Right, I think this is within our *capability* to resolve, but I don’t see the will to spend the money. I also think it will be a long process to right the ship. I, too, am pretty old so while I helped create the problem, I’m not going to have to deal with the worst of the fallout. But my kids are still teenagers and they will clearly be stuck with this for the rest of their lives (IMO).

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        • I, too, have a son and a daughter and she and her husband have a son. Morten is 11! Like you, I have been part of the problem. Morten and his generation have this to deal with; no choice!

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          • rawgod says:

            Thwre is a problem here. Most young people do not have the money or the power to do a damn thing about climate change. Our boomer generation, or earlier, had the time and money, but not the will. To say we have to leave this to our children, their children, and our children’s children’s children is a cop out. We aren’t dead yet. We still have time to take steps. Get serious. Do something while you still can! Or it will ve too late for our children to fix it!

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  2. What’s alarming is that so many people doubt obvious science! There is more than enough evidence! Humanity needs to unite and do something now!

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  3. In Sanskrit, there is a saying ‘ Vinaashakaale Vipareeta Buddhi’ the meaning as follows

    “When the time of one’s destruction comes, his or her mind thinks of the opposite of what it should do.

    If you are a believer in God…the meaning can imply “Those whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad”

    Why do these things happen?

    Why God is angry?

    A simple explanation is possible.

    We are entangled in 7 deadly sins… Pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony and sloth.

    No surprise we are all mad and in the process and thus we (humans) lose sense.

    When we say others are wrong…we get a slap on our face with the quick answer that we are wrong.

    This is the world we are living in.

    In this world nobody is wrong.

    Here everybody is highly knowledgeable.

    People love to laugh at and make fun of Greta Thunberg when she starts her speech…Oh! this kid
    talks more than what she is supposed to talk (as a kid!)

    Nobody can question anybody.

    If we raise alarm over the climate changes, we are asked to prove through the proof happening in front of our eyes.

    We believe nobody.

    “Second chances, they don’t ever matter, people never change” Unknown

    Apologies for the rant.

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  4. jilldennison says:

    Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    The past few weeks have brought record high temperatures around the globe. We here in the U.S. are lucky, for most homes are air-conditioned, but in the UK, air-conditioning has always been considered an unnecessary luxury, since it is typically almost never hot there. But a few days ago, it reached 104° F (40° C) in the UK. And yet, people still call climate change a hoax. Our friend Pendantry shows us a picture that says it all. Few words, only an image, one that should stay in everybody’s mind. Thank you, Pendantry.

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  5. Ab says:

    Every summer, the heat wave and wild fire news seem to get worse – and I feel like people are just numb or desensitized from it all. Climate change is very much a real emergency and wish politicians would take more action instead of responding based on party lines.

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  6. Many politicians are, unfortunately, bought and paid for by dirty industry/fossil fuel companies. Greed and money over love for the earth and its creatures. How sick is that! Look at what the so-called supreme court recently did here in the U.S.

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  7. UK: Pre our heatwave 18th & 19th July any Facebook warnings were met by cries of derision, mockery and accusation.
    Post heat-wave 20th onwards, heat warnings……the same crew were nowhere to be seen, not even when called out to explain themselves.

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  8. Forestwood says:

    This graphic alone should shock us. While it is easy to throw up ourhands and declare it is too late, or feel content that technology will come up with the answer, (which is may not), it is the lack of political will and leadership that will ruin humanity’s chance at survival. As depressing as it is, we can only work to increase awareness and do our little bit to improve our microcosm. In that we can be satisfied.

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  9. marymtf says:

    [17Aug2022 22:30 pm]
    If there’s truly ‘no planet B’ no amount of curbing our emissions and beggaring ourselves to save planet A will help if China, India, Russia keep producing more in a fortnight than we do in a year.

    [18Aug2022 12:15 am]
    So, when it comes to the world’s biggest emitters, you take a nothing to see here approach?

    [18Aug2022 12:16 am]
    So, you prefer the echo chamber than a reasoned debate?

    [Three comments amalgamated, datestamps added – peNdantry]


    • peNdantry says:

      1. There’s an ‘if’ over there being no planet B? Seriously?
      2. Pointing the finger at others (with ludicrously exaggerated assertions, to boot) gets us all nowhere. We’re all in this together, and need to figure out how to work together to solve the problem. Granted, that’s a big ask. (Incidentally, who are the ‘we’ in your assertion?)
      3. ‘The world’s biggest emitters’ depends upon how you measure them. Per capita? Since the Industrial Revolution? Outsourced externalised costs? … and, of course, are you talking about nation-states, continents, ethnic groups, or perhaps billionaires?
      4. No, I don’t prefer echo chambers. And I enjoy debate (when I have time for it; I actually don’t have much spare right now). Reason is a must. Ah! Your “different than” may reveal who your ‘we’ are. Here in the UK, we’d say “different from”. (But one view of ‘we’ might be ‘bigots who refuse to acknowledge their culpability and personal responsibilities in the face of the climate emergency’.)
      5. New comments here on Wibble are moderated (a common anti-spam practice; I’m a little surprised that you seem unaware of it). Your three messages (which I’ve combined into one for simplicity) have been in the moderation queue… overnight. Sorry, some of us have to sleep sometime. And others need to learn a little patience… I’m going to leave you in moderation until you can show that you’ve learnt some yourself.


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