Republican Voices of Experience Speak Loudly

This may possibly be the most important post I’ve ever read. If we continue to allow ‘one rule for us and another for them’, the whole world is in dire straits… and we should all be in straitjackets.

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It’s one thing for someone like me, a mere political observer, to say that Donald Trump must be prosecuted for his crimes, particularly the crime of inciting an attempted coup to overturn an election, to kill the voices of We the People.  You and I can say it all we want, but our words carry little or no weight with the courts or the Department of Justice, the people who really matter.  However, when former Justice Department officials who served in Republican administrations say it, then it carries weight and significance.

The following article, published in The Atlantic, was penned by the trio of Donald Ayer, Stuart M. Gerson, and Dennis Aftergut.  Ayer and Gerson worked in the Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations. Gerson also briefly served as the acting attorney general under President Bill Clinton, while Aftergut is a former federal prosecutor and former chief assistant…

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7 Responses to Republican Voices of Experience Speak Loudly

  1. Jeff Cann says:

    I think the concern about tit-for-tat prosecution is well founded. I have no doubt that the republican party will impeach Biden after the midterms. That so many republicans can’t see that Trump acted egregiously is really frightening. Blind loyalty is dangerous.

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    • jilldennison says:

      This is why it’s so critical we do everything in our power to stop the Republicans from gaining a majority in either chamber of Congress in November! Even if they were to impeach him, I doubt they would convict him in the Senate, for that would make Kamala Harris the next president and they for sure won’t want a woman … a Black woman at that … in the Oval Office!

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  2. If only the Republican voices in Congress agreed (they wouldn’t even vote to convict during both impeachment proceedings). It’s just no longer the same party it was when such conservatives as Goldwater, Reagan and the Bush’s were around. The idea that the party listens to Jim Jordan, MTG, Lauren Boebert or Paul Gossar doesn’t give me much hope for sanity any time soon.

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  3. bigm57 says:

    Our faith in UK democracy has been damaged by Boris Johnson’s dishonesty, but he has finally been unseated by his party.
    It is disturbing to see that the US government / judiciary is not able to deal with this much more serious transgression.
    Putin must be laughing his head off!

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  4. Dr Bob Rich says:

    Second American civil war.

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  5. jilldennison says:

    Many thanks, my friend, for sharing this post! To me, it’s as clear as daylight that Trump and his cronies MUST be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and must be barred from EVER holding public office again! I don’t think most people realize just how close we came to entering into an authoritarian government with a lunatic at the helm. Thanks again!

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