How brexit is turning the UK into a haven…for human rights abuse

Further indications that the world is going (has gone) completely mad:


One of the main motivations for brexit was to tackle immigration. However, even before the referendum, it was pointed out to the brexiters, that their plans would be unworkable and counter productive. Job markets are fairly complicated and restricting migrant can led to labour shortages, slowing down economic growth, which can reduce the number of jobs available to locals. There would, for example, be little benefit in being able to catch more fish in UK waters. As the bulk of the UK’s fishing quota’s are held by a handful of very wealthy families.And the UK lacks the fishermen to crew these extra boats. Plus, without single market membership, no European market to export the fish into (while equally making it harder to import in the fish types the British prefer to eat).

The only way these worker shortages could be avoided would be by using agencies to…

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1 Response to How brexit is turning the UK into a haven…for human rights abuse

  1. Garry Morris says:

    Ah yes, words. That contain, no doubt, some kind of meaning. #idiot


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