God rest ye merry, gentlemen

A couple of millennia ago, some geezer was allegedly nailed to a tree for suggesting that we should be nice to each other.

What have we learnt since? Not a lot, it seems to me.

Far too many people congregate in massive edifices built by our forebears and sing their hearts out in songs that use words like ‘love’, and ‘peace’, and ‘goodwill’. And then we shuffle off to gorge ourselves on traditional fowl, raised in cages in abominable conditions, birds that are bred purely for profit with no consideration for how they feel.

And, all the while, our human cousins fleeing from oppression, hunger, and worse, drown on our borders because of the xenophobic fascists currently in control. (Perhaps it’s different in your neck of the woods, but here in Blighty, we’re governed by a bunch of morons who are acting as though they have ‘a mandate’ to ‘secure our sovereignty’ on the grounds of a pitifully minuscule ‘first-past-the-post’ margin, one that they continue to claim proves that ‘the electorate has spoken’ even though those who voted were lied to on a massive scale. And they will never in a million years admit that.)

So, on this day, this celebration of the alleged ‘day of birth’ of an alleged ‘saviour’ who ‘gave his life for our sins’ (even though, if he even existed, he was probably actually born in the summertime, and the truth that ‘christmas day’ was appropriated by the ‘Holy’ Roman Empire to assist in appeasing the British populace has been lost in the mists of time)… feel free to stuff your face while the others with whom you ‘share’ this planet are fleeing for their lives, or starving to death.

Merry christmas, one and all.

Yeah, right.

About peNdantry

Phlyarologist (part-time) and pendant. Campaigner for action against anthropogenic global warming (AGW) and injustice in all its forms. Humanist, atheist, notoftenpist. Wannabe poet, writer and astronaut.
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22 Responses to God rest ye merry, gentlemen

  1. AKwafrigeria says:

    Just wow, thanks ❤️

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  2. Dr Bob Rich says:

    Yes, I agree. There are followers of Jesus’ philosophy, which is also the philosophy of Confucius, the Buddha, modern Jewish religion, Islam (because Mohammed endorsed “Isa” as a true prophet of Allah), and every other great religion and philosophy I have studied.
    Then there are people who call themselves Christians, but do the opposite.
    My reading of the evidence is that the Emperor called for a plebiscite that was implemented in Judea in March. So, Joe had to go the town of his birth then.
    By the way, Maryam’s reincarnation today is Renata Baumgartner, who lives in Hamburg, Germany, and she has told me the true story of Yeshua’s parentage. When she and Joseph signed the prenuptial agreement, she seduced him, and they consummated the marriage a little early.

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  3. Yes, he WAS born in the summertime. In Australia…..

    Have a good one. Don’t eat too much Chrissy pud…..

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    • daryan12 says:

      Actually, the only reason we have a definite date for this is cos the Romans basically decided the date (which just happens to coincide with the Roman festival of Saturnalia, a festival to a saviour god whose celebrations included give giving and partying).

      Whereas they couldn’t agree date for Easter, which is why it does that merry dance every year, with different dates for the Orthodox church and Western Church. Yes a political disagreement 1700 years ago is still having an impact to this day.

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  4. blindzanygirl says:

    I like what you have said

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  5. Strange things happening strangely not since couple of millenia…but forever!!

    Intelligents strangely claim they are of high EyeQue

    Enjoyed your style of writing my friend.

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  6. daryan12 says:

    You’re full of Christmas cheer aren’t you ;)

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  7. You know, my initial response was to unfollow you and I feel you at the least the respect of an explanation.
    To a large degree, I am confused by your post, your venom and quite frankly, your hatred.
    Simply not believing in something seldomly warrants such rancor as you’ve displayed here. Are you equally as venomous toward someone who, let’s say, believes in Santa Claus? I doubt that. It would be of no concern to you. No, I find that sort of aggression is usually born of bitterness due to an experience with one that grows to projecting onto all.
    Riddle me this… If one was to spew such rancor toward any one group from religion, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual preference, would it not be deemed as hate speech? Absolutely, but the anomaly is that you choose for yourself which groups should be protected while simultaneously deciding for which it is permissible. And, let us not be dishonest by not calling this as anything but.
    There is now and always have been many woes in the world and sadly, there always will be. It’s an imperfect place, inhabited by imperfect people.
    But, you appear to lay the burden & responsibility upon Christians? Are You asking why they aren’t or haven’t fixed? Why haven’t you? Pointed question, I know, but let’s be honest, much would and could be remedied in the world if people stopped complaining about why someone else hasn’t made things better and started taking personal responsibility, rolling up their sleeves and putting in the work. Granted, individually, we can do little on a world scale, country scale or even state scale but if we collectively began getting to work in our own communities….well that would be something.
    “If He even existed” is simply too easy to dispell if you care to read the ancient historians account of Him who were in no way Christian, jew, Greek, Roman etc. The only question is, is He who He said He was. You may do your own due diligence and study for yourself. Another side note: there are vegan Christians too. (I wholly agree the date is indeed off but I’ll save you the dissertation on why the date doesn’t really matter much)
    More than anything, I don’t want you to think that I’m coming at you with my own rancor or interpret it as such. On the contrary, I am speaking to you with the respect of my honesty, as I would a friend, and offering you open communication.
    Since you highlight is focused on Christians, I’d like to dispell your idea that ones salvation or induction into the faith is or should be an automatic perfection instead of only being the beginning of a journey in growth and spiritual maturity. Instead, it is imperfect people finding that despite themselves, are loved, right where they are, as flawed as they are. Being and doing better is a process we are involved in each day. Please don’t expect me to be perfect and do not judge my ” Savior” but my own faults. Those are mine alone.
    Additionally, if I had followed my 1st response, how might I ever show you the essence of my faith and that it’s heart is love? How might you witness that love for yourself if I were unwilling to show you…or love you despite our differences?
    If I can’t love you though you disparage my faith, then I’m not being who and what I claim to be.
    So to you, in spite of how you may hate it….I love you. Merry Christmas and you have abiding Joy to last throughout the year.
    Always With Love – Laura

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    • peNdantry says:

      I apologise unreservedly for having offended you, Laura, and thank you for your extensive thoughts on my feeble, frustration-frosted post here. I fear I’ve touched a nerve. You appear to have focused upon one element of it, which was occasioned merely by the coincidence of the date. I am as biased by my belief (atheism, in case there was any doubt) as are you by yours.

      In truth, my ire was not aimed solely at all who call themselves ‘Christians’, many of whom are indeed good people. I would ask that you note that I also rail here against a variety of folk, such as those who unthinkingly assume that turkeys ‘come from the supermarket’ as well as those who uncaringly rear the poor creatures as purely a product to generate profit to fill their purses. My intent was to vent against all those who contribute to the crises we currently face; and please note in particular that the most venomous verbiage was aimed directly at the vile, lying, pernicious scum who are the current incumbents of the UK government.

      Perhaps I overstepped by suggesting that the founder of your religion may have never existed. But, in truth, there is no direct evidence that he did; all we have is hearsay and anecdotes, much of which was written years later, and all of it has been twisted over time by various unnamed people with their own agendae. I feel certain that that ‘Jesus’ (or whatever his name was) would have been utterly appalled by the horrors that have been perpetrated in his name over the last several centuries.

      I do not consider myself to be a hateful person. I try to hold love in my heart for all creatures; it saddens me greatly when I find that I’ve stepped on a snail. I do, however, have great difficulty in extending that love to some members of our own species, those who are in dire need of what you might call ‘salvation’.

      Again, I’m sorry for having so clearly upset you, and wish you the very best for the festive season and the future that awaits us.

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      • Toonsarah says:

        I don’t share Laura’s convictions in the truths of Christianity but I don’t fully reject them either. I guess I would describe myself as an agnostic. And there is much in your post I agree with – the xenophobia of our government, their attitudes to migrants, the stirring up of a nostalgia for a Britain that never existed. And I agree that many evils have been perpetrated in the name of religion (ALL religions, not specifically Christianity). But I also see a lot of good done in the same name, both at Christmas and at other times of the year. Yes, some people sing hymns in church and pay lip service to a religion that preaches love of your neighbour. But others see Christmas as a time when they should put their beliefs into practice, and many non-believers do the same. On Christmas Eve I was with a group of volunteers at Borough Market, ensuring that 180 kilos of surplus food donated by traders there went not in the bins but to charities who went on to use it – the Salvation Army cooked Christmas dinner for street sleepers people, a hostel was able to give their homeless residents a Christmas meal to remember, another charity hosted a Christmas Day party for care leavers who would otherwise have been on their own. And I have a friend who spent her Christmas Day serving food at Centre Point for Crisis at Christmas; another who invited a neighbour who lives alone to share their Christmas dinner. And these are just a handful among many examples.

        So please don’t write off all humanity because of the actions (or lack of actions) of others. I believe it isn’t incompatible to enjoy a special meal with your family AND do something for others who need your help. My husband and I spent yesterday with my sister and her family, including a nephew we haven’t seen for two years, and I refuse to feel guilty about that. Oh, and by the way, our turkey was free range!

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        • peNdantry says:

          You make very good points, Toonsarah!

          I don’t deny that many charitable actions are conducted during the ‘festive’ period. But what I seriously struggle with is that when the tinsel comes down, such activities pretty much grind to a halt. And I don’t exclude myself from that: you can accuse me of being a hypocrite if you like, but it’s customary, learned behaviour; as I see it, it’s our society in general that is to blame in this regard.

          I’m glad to hear that you were able to meet up with someone you’ve missed – of course you should not feel guilt over that. And good for you for choosing to eat a bird that had some opportunity to enjoy its life :)

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        • 💕 We found the homeless shelter in our area when we first moved here, so far away from family,, few years ago. We “adopted” a families children who is staying there, buying them Christmas presents. Then we bought the groceries for a feast, spent Christmas eve preparing it, delivered it to the shelter Christmas morning, served and ate together with its residents. It was the warmest, most enriching Christmas I’ve ever had, to have shared it with them.
          We remain very active with the shelter since and try to carry out serving our community, not just during holidays but through the year.
          I’m such a believer in that and although that too is a faith principle, it conveys to any and every walk and belief. And I feel so much of our societies woes are the result of the loss of a sense of community.
          The needs of a community may seems overwhelming but if even a few of use are willing to do even the smallest of things like after mowing our yard, mow the widows across the streets or carrying an extra plate at dinner to the neighbor who is sick….our communities suddenly become so much better, and so do we💕

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      • I’m so grateful that I had not dismissed or unfollowed you and that we were able to have this conversation, communicate as just two people with differing ideas, beliefs and yet still take time to listen to one another, and while we may continue to differ, we allow ourselves a better understanding of one another and our care for one another undiminished.
        I see you are an atheist which is the counter to my faith…yet I respect you, care for your wellbeing, will laugh with you, cry with you, comfort you, in all your circumstances in life….I believe you would the same for me.
        If anything of value has come of this discourse, it should be this very thing.
        This, is the example of what the world needs right now.
        Friend, let me offer you this simple wisdom. While it is a principle of my faith it is as practical bereft of it.
        We can effect so little change in the world singularly as just one person. The most powerful change comes when we inspire others to work together with us. If in our desire for change, we alienate, offend, accuse etc., others, we push them away and very often in the opposite direction. They then become an opposing force to the change we are trying to create.
        But when we approach them with our warmth, respect, love….we gain a brother and a friend who is not only willing to work with you but joyful to do so. Anger, aggression and strife will never will so much as an argument. You can shut them up. You can shut them down. But, it will not change their mind nor their heart. Only love can do that.
        Win your battles with that weapon.
        All best to you and always with Love,

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  8. I started reading the comment section and went to get popcorn. Things were getting good. Unfortunately, it all ended quickly. No popcorn was consumed. But I’m glad civility was had.

    As for the post – I have to say that it didn’t offend me as much, because I feel like I ‘know’ you to a degree. I would not expect anything else but something like this from you. I think it’s great that you are trying to point out the hypocrisy and motivate us to do better. It’s the delivery that I’m not sure of.

    Laura already took on the challenge of laying out arguments, so I will skip that. Plus, I think there isn’t much that would make you change your mind about this topic.

    Nonetheless – I hope you had a calm, healthy, and joyful Christmas.

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