The Koala Conspiracy

The most recent post from Larry Oliver’s blog Echoes from a Pale Blue Dot is from 2017. (That site seems, sadly, to currently have tumbleweeds rolling through it, though Larry is still active on Twitter at @tweetingdonal.) That post is a reblog of this insightful article by Jacob A Tennessen (@JacobPhD) from the year before. Though it’s a half-decade old, it’s a great example of how just because something’s old doesn’t mean it’s not still got legs. Well worth a read.

Adaptive Diversity

koala Do marsupials even exist?

The word of the year for 2016 is officially “post-truth.” It seems a lot of folks just don’t care very much for facts. Instead, they form beliefs based on subjective feelings about what kind of experts are trustworthy and what kinds of stories fit their existing worldview. Fake news is rampant. It thrives under a secular version of Poe’s law: when politics has been fractured into extremes, any tale about the opposition sounds plausible. We are at an impasse. If showing people the data is not good enough, what is?

For science educators, this is nothing new. The most dispiriting and challenging aspect of science outreach isn’t ignorance, it’s willful denial. Folks who have heard about climate change, evolution, the effectiveness of vaccines, or the safety of GMOs, but simply refuse to believe it. It’s frustrating. How do objective scientists reach out to…

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Phlyarologist (part-time) and pendant. Campaigner for action against anthropogenic global warming (AGW) and injustice in all its forms. Humanist, atheist, notoftenpist. Wannabe poet, writer and astronaut.
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11 Responses to The Koala Conspiracy

  1. Willow Croft says:

    If Hillary Clinton identified/was a man, I theorize that they wouldn’t have called her out in the same targeted/mansplaining way.

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  2. daryan12 says:

    Ah Koala’s, Australia’s infamous drop bears. Okay, not quite a dangerous as the Emo’s (who the Australian fought and lost a war against….seriously look it up).

    But to be serious, I think the problem is its a means to an end. Certain people just want an excuse to vote a certain way, or get on with their life and pretend everything’s all right. So they buy into the fake news and the myths, even thought they know its false.

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  3. leavergirl says:

    Cool article. Usually, it’s respectful dialog that’s the lacking part. I just read about the guy below who talks to KKK members. I figure he wouldn’t get far if he approached them as total assholes, and himself as Mr. Right.

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  4. Gray Dawster says:

    The art of ‘Fake News’ is adding rich unbelievable content and persuading everyone that reads it that it’s all true.

    Run for the hills everyone, Bigfoot is dining out with Elvis, the Martians voted Biden, and Jelly and Peanut Butter sandwiches were invented by the Diddymen 😲

    Have a fun Tuesday.


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  5. Gray Dawster says:


    Even my name was changed, can you believe that!? LMFAO

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    • pendantry says:

      That’s not the first time you’ve signed yourself as ‘Abdro’ rather than ‘Andro’ (I was tempted to point it out when you did it before, being a pendant an’ all, but I restrained myself… after all, maybe it’s just a speech impediment?).


      • Gray Dawster says:

        Yes or perhaps it was down to the zombie’s finger infiltrating my space, it’s not the perfect excuse but you just never know these days 🤫

        Oh and thanks for noticing 😲😁 lmao

        A n d r o

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  6. At last I remembered to leave a comment. All I will say is that I am in the midst of writing a book called The One We Feed and have two scientists advising me: Prof Paul Leslie and Prof Steven Crum. They both say the same thing, that global warming is well and truly underway and that the extent of the changes will be down to how quickly society can adapt. The recent Western counties of the USA (of which we live in Southern Oregon) and the trouble in Western Europe are a clear sign that changes are happening quicker and more significant. Hopefully that will drive the politics of Western countries to change asap although there are few signs of it happening.

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    • pendantry says:

      “Few signs”, indeed. I firmly believe that change sufficient to materially affect the outcome will not happen. I offer in support of my assertion the total failure of the world’s various governments to offer anything more than lip service to action. They talk, and they talk, and they talk: and they make promises that they never, ever keep.

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