The BIG Big Bang Theory Trivia Quiz

Q1: What is the flag of Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment?

Q2: What is Leonard’s middle name?

Q3: Why is Sheldon Cooper like a black hole?

Q4: What is Penny’s star sign?

Q5: What is vexillology?

Q6: For what theory did Sheldon and Amy win the Nobel Prize?

Q7: What musical instrument did Leonard learn to play as a child?

Q8: Complete the sequence: Rock, paper, scissors…

Q9: Which night of the week is ‘Halo night’?

Q10: How does Sheldon describe ‘earthquake supplies’?

Q11: What frees Raj from his inability to talk to women?

Q12: What is the name of Sheldon’s imaginary drug-addicted cousin?

Q13: What is the name of the 83 year old man who carries potatoes in his suitcase?

Q14: Who has the original idea for the gyroscope guidance system?

Q15: What emergency code precipitates an outing to see ‘ten and a half hours of apey goodness’?

Q16: When Dennis Kim arrives and causes Sheldon to pursue other avenues, what two words are effective in persuading him to desist?

Q17: What comes after “Soft kitty, warm kitty”?

Q18: In the context of the Physics Bowl, where ‘AA’ stands for ‘Army Ants’, what does ‘PMS’ stand for?

Q19: When Penny asks “Tweety Bird thought he saw a… what?”, what answer do Leonard and Sheldon give?

Q20: What is the name of Raj’s dog?

Q21: What was the name of the person who spent nine months with her legs wrapped around Sheldon?

Q22: According to the manual that came with Sheldon, what, in the context of birthdays, is a ‘non-optional social convention’?

Q23: According to Penny, what 12 year old by wants a motorized dirt bike?

Q24: In what language did Sheldon called Leonard “a syphilitic donkey”?

Q25: When Penny and Leonard ask for advice about their impending date, what does he suggest they consider?

Q26: What is Leslie Winkle’s favourite epithet for Sheldon?

Q27: Which day of the week is Vintage Game Night?

Q28: When Penny gets, as Howard describes it, “the massively multiplayer online roleplaying game monkey on her back,” to what game is it that she becomes addicted?

Q29: Which superhero gives Sheldon his first energy drink?

Q30: What are the co-ordinates of ‘Sheldon’s spot’?

Q31: When Sheldon agrees to undertake the experiment to live with Amy in Penny’s apartment, how long is this for?

Q32: When Sheldon was a child, the family cat was run over and killed. Sheldon wanted to replace it with a griffin (but his parents wouldn’t let him get the eagle egg and lion semen he needed). What was the name of the cat?

Q33: What is the number of Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment?

Q34: One day, Leonard laments the fact that his name has ‘nerd’ in it. What name does he imagine being better?

Q35: What night, for Sheldon, is ‘laundry night’?

Q36: When Howard meets Dr Stephanie Burnett, with what vehicle does he entice her (hoping, naturally, for an amorous encounter)?

Q37: When Sheldon updates Leonard’s Facebook status, we learn that Leonard makes the rookie mistake of using the same password for everything. What is that password?

Q38: What is it that has been moved in Leonard’s room that makes him realize that he and Stephanie are living together?

Q39: When Penny gives Sheldon a napkin for ‘Saturnalia’, whose DNA is on it?

Q40: Howard Wolowitz has seen space probes that crashed into the desert that looked better than… what?

Q41: When Sheldon embarks upon a quest to make Kripke his friend, Kripke meets Penny for the first time but isn’t enamoured by her name. He proposes to call her by another name: what is it?

Q42: One day, Sheldon changes the apartment’s wi-fi password. To what does he change it?

Q43: When Raj has a dubious entanglement with his phone, what does he have Siri call him?

Q44: When Howard becomes an astronaut, what is the nickname he’s given?

Q45: In the ass of which superhero does Sheldon keep a couple of fifties?

Q46: Just before Leonard’s mother advises him to find out what cologne her father wore, what nickname does Penny reveal that her father used to call her until she started wearing her first training bra?

Q47: At what time does Leonard’s mother suggest that Howard and Raj have formed an ersatz homosexual relationship?

Q48: When Howard and Leslie have a close encounter, how does Leslie describe the experience?

Q49: By what name does Sheldon’s ‘memaw’ refer to him?

Q50: On the very first ‘Anything Can Happen Thursday’, at what venue do our heroes eventually end up?

Q51: When Penny asks Stuart for advice about what to give as a present to a 13-year old boy, what does he suggest?

Q52: What is Rajesh Koothrappali’s middle name?

Q53: If engaged in a game of ‘Twenty Questions’ and the respondee is Sheldon, what answer should you offer?

Q54: With what word does Sheldon invariably follow up his classic pranks?

Q55: At Howard’s batchelor party, who is it that claims to have the body of a 37-year-old man with the bone density of an 80-year-old?

Q56: At Raj’s Halloween Party, Sheldon and Amy arrive as a ‘matched couple’. Amy is dressed as ‘Raggedy-Ann’; Sheldon is dressed as ‘Raggedy-‘… what?

Q57: I’m not sure that I have the spelling right, but what is the meaning of the Klingon word ‘Kuvach’?

Q58: When Amy encounters Sheldon on the landing struggling with Buridan’s Donkey, what does she offer him?

Q59: Where did ‘The Night The Heat Went Out’ occur?

Q60: Howard proves Sheldon wrong, and wins a bet. Professor ‘Creepy’ Crawley is the arbiter. The question is: what kind of cricket is Toby?

Q61: Raj would rather swim buck-naked across the Ganges with a paper cut on his nipple and die a slow, agonizing death from a viral infection than work with… whom?

Q62: What day is Sheldon’s birthday?

Q63: When Leonard says that Sheldon has a ‘photographic’ memory, Sheldon corrects him. What word does he use to describe the type of memory he has?

Q64: Howard can speak five languages. Six if you include which language?

Q65: When Sheldon engages Wil Wheaton in a game of ‘The Mystic Warlords of Ka’a’  in the Comic Book Store, is Wil’s grandmother dead, or alive?

Q66: What is the name of the game that Sheldon invents that Leonard wins by default when Penny storms out of the room?

Q67: What is the name of Penny’s “definitely not gay” ex-boyfriend musician who moves from Oklahoma to LA in search of session work — and (according to Penny) would sleep in his own vomit if he had to?

Q68: When Leonard, Howard and Raj go camping to observe a meteor shower, which meteor shower is it that they go to, um, observe?

Q69: When Leonard, Howard and Raj go camping to observe a meteor shower, what type of foodstuff is it that distracts them from their objective?

Q70: Sheldon has some adhesive whimisical ducks in his bathtub that prevents him from slipping in the shower (unlike Penny). What is it that makes them whimsical?

Q71: Sheldon’s brother George has a special gift, relating to things that go round. What things?

Q72: According to Bernadette, three dates means something. What?

Q73: When Sheldon is interviewed on the radio about magnetic monopoles, what is it that Kripke injects into his office via a nozzle?

Q74: Howard has an imaginary encounter in his bathtub with someone who suggests that he ought to be pursuing Bernadette. Who is that?

Q75: ‘Project Gorilla’ involves trying to teach Penny enough physics to make sense of what Leonard does. Sheldon designs the project. How many years does it cover?

Q76: What are named after a town in Massachusetts, not the scientist?

Q77: When Penny phones her father a week after her wedding to give him the news, he admits that he backed over her pet pig with his tractor. What was the name of the pig?

Q78: Spurred on by Stuart, Howard and Raj form a band. What is it called?

Q79: After giving a rousing speech about ‘community’ at the Comic Book Store Valentine’s Day Party, what farewell does Raj give as he leaves with Lucy?

Q80: A geologist, surname ‘Kibbler’, is awarded a MacArthur Fellowship. What is his first name?

Q81: Sheldon rents out ‘his’ room to Theodore. What is Theodore’s blood type?

Q82: When Sheldon wins the ‘Chancellor’s Award’, he believes he may faint before the crowd of people. The gang persuades him that they can be like the X-Men for him: but he protests that they wouldn’t be ‘X-Men’, they would be… what?

Q83: When Sheldon meets Whil Wheaton at the bowling alley for the first time since the infamous card game, he reveals that he has registered three domain names: .com, .net and .org. What’s the name?

Q84: Leonard has an idea for a Star Wars themed coffee shop. What is his name for it?

Q85: To motivate Leonard on the treasure hunt, Bernadette claims that Penny has been known to call him by a word related to lady-parts, cats and willows. Sheldon believes that he knows this word to be… what?

Q86: When Raj and Stuart are working on their dating profiles, what one-word description does Stuart use for himself?

Q87: Penny’s recommended reading list for her psychology course contains a book by Beverly Hofstadter. What is its title?

Q88: What greeting does Leonard offer Dr Elizabeth Plimpton when she comes to visit?

Q89: During Sheldon’s first date with Amy, Sheldon calculates the number of sexual partners that Penny has had. What number does he arrive at?

Q90: What is it that Sheldon was planning to give to himself on his 300th birthday?

Q91: When Raj is working ‘with’ Sheldon, he gets him to agree that he can have his own desk. When it turns up, what word does Sheldon use to describe it?

Q92: What would you be if you were attached to another object by an inclined plane, wrapped helically around an axis?

Q93: When Leonard has a tryst with Raj’s sister Priya, Sheldon comes up with a plan. The evidence he has to offer includes a lock of the auburn hair of Maggie McGarry… which is, in reality, from what?

Q94: When Leonard, Sheldon and Raj are interviewed by FBI Special Agent Page in connection with Howard’s security clearance, who is it who lets slip about the Mars Rover incident?

Q95: When Arthur Jeffries asks Penny whether she has any single grandmothers, and her response is “they’re both married”, what is Arthur’s next question?

Q96: What is the name of Amy’s toothbrush?

Q97: Before Howard’s father left, he used to take Howard to the Comic Book Store. True or false?

Q98: What is the name of Sheldor’s battle ostrich?

Q99: When Pria effectively nullifies the room-mate agreement, Sheldon writes a new one. He blackmails Leonard into agreeing with it, using a Star Trek ‘self-destruct’ analogy. What is the code he uses to initiate the ‘self-destruct sequence’?

Q100: What colour is lonely?

P.S. I’m personally rather saddened by the scene cuts that have been made to the show over time. A lot of good jokes have been stripped out by… what? Political correctness?


The answers are white text: you may need to highlight them to reveal them.

A1: Gold lion, rampant, on a field of azure

A2: Leaky

A3: They both suck

A4: Saggitarius

A5: The study of flags

A6: Asymmetry

A7: Cello

A8: … lizard, Spock

A9: Wednesday

A10: ‘Two-man, Two day’

A11: Grasshopper

A12: Leopold

A13: Arthur Jeffries, AKA Professor Proton

A14: Howard

A15: ‘Milky Green’

A16: Go away

A17: “Little ball of fur”

A18: Perpetual Motion Squad

A19: Romulan

A20: Cinnamon

A21: Missy

A22: The giving of presents

A23: All of them

A24: Mandarin

A25: Shrödinger’s cat

A26: Dumbass

A27: Friday

A28: Age of Conan

A29: The Flash

A30: 0,0,0,0

A31: Five weeks

A32: Lucky

A33: 4A

A34: Angelo

A35: Saturday

A36: The Mars Rover

A37: Kal-El

A38: His bat-signal

A39: Leonard Nimoy’s

A40 M.O.N.T.E. (after its encounter with the Kripke Krippler)

A41: ‘Woxanne’

A42: pennyalreadyeatsourfoodshecanpayforwifi

A43: Sexy

A44: Fruit Loops

A45: Aquaman

A46: Slugger

A47: One o’clock

A48: ‘satisfactory’

A49: Moonpie

A50: The Comic Book Store

A51: A 13-year old girl

A52: Ramayan

A53: Spock

A54: Bazinga

A55: Stuart

A56: C3PO

A57: ‘dammit’

A58: An eggplant

A59: The North Pole

A60: field

A61: Sheldon

A62: 26 February

A63: Eidetic

A64: Klingon

A65: Alive

A66: Research Lab

A67: Justin

A68: Leonids

A69: Cookies

A70: Umbrellas

A71: Tires

A72: Sex

A73: Helium

A74: Katee Sackhoff

A75: 2600

A76: Fig Newtons

A77: Moondance

A78: Footprints on the Moon

A79: “Later, losers!”

A80: Bert

A81: O positive

A82: C-Men

A83: willwheatonstinks

A84: Brewbacca’s

A85: Ninny

A86: Unobjectionable

A87: The Disappointing Child

A88: “Hi-Lo!”

A89: 31

A90: A dogopus

A91: Brobdingnagian

A92: Screwed

A93: An orangutan

A94: Sheldon

A95: “Happily?”

A96: Gerard

A97: False

A98: Glenn

A99: Code 1-1-A-2-B

A100: Orange



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  1. dr universe says:

    big bang theory is epic!!


  2. You’re really into trivia. Aren’t you? I’ve never been good at it but it was definitely interesting to read the answers.

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  3. dr universe says:

    I’m not done with the show yet so….

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