Here’s why the UK Television Licence Fee should remain free to over 75s

I just intercepted an email to my 89 year old mother, titled:

Your TV Licence expires on 14 July 2020 – please renew today invoice No -GB11744572UK

It was from a address.

The link in it was to a address.

My mum wouldn’t have spotted this: she would, I’m certain, have been hoodwinked; she would have clicked on the link, and would have been rooked.

Old fogeys* are vulnerable to scams like this!

* I’ll be an old fogey one day. And no doubt Those In Power at the time will be as clueless as they are today when deciding about such things as who should pay for what. I’m not looking forward to my dotage.

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Phlyarologist (part-time) and pendant. Campaigner for action against anthropogenic global warming (AGW) and injustice in all its forms. Humanist, atheist, notoftenpist. Wannabe poet, writer and astronaut.
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10 Responses to Here’s why the UK Television Licence Fee should remain free to over 75s

  1. Yeah but your mum could have been scammed (or attempted to be scammed) for anything. I’d be for the license to be free for those who can’t afford it, but I don’t mind those who can afford it being charged. But in that respect, the Pensions Credit exemption covers that.
    Ultimately I think it’ll come to pass that a license-fee-model is unsustainable.

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  2. My dad was the other way. He knew if a choice was good or harmful. I was the wisdom less human. Now I am a step higher thanks to his teachings. Thanks for helping your parents.

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  3. The older we get the more vulnerable we seem to become of many things and scam emails are just a particularly nasty side of life!

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  4. I entirely agree. It should be free for all over 75s.

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  5. davidprosser says:

    It worries me that your mother;s age is so easy to find for scammers like this. Five and a half years and someone will be trying to hook me like that and hopefully my daughter will be ready to save me from myself .


    • Here’s the body of the email that accompanied the link:

      TV License Scams

      Fraudsters may look to exploit confusion around the licence fee change by contacting older people and asking them to “pay” for their new licence. With that in mind, we have put together some guidance on our website ( to be shared with colleagues, partners and older people in your area to help protect them from fraud.

      No one will be expected to pay for a new licence until they have been contacted by a letter from TV Licensing and either claimed a free licence or agreed a payment plan. The BBC have told us they expect to start sending letters in August and we will let you know when these dates have been confirmed to us.

      For now, those aged 75+ should ignore any emails, letters, calls or doorstop visits they receive asking them to pay for a TV licence as they may be a scam.

      The logo on any communication is likely to look authentic which is why people fall into the trap but they should only act when they receive the official letter. There are a wide range of payment options available and people can opt to pay at a frequency that suits them. The letter will give the different telephone numbers to call depending on the payment method chosen. If the older person has any doubt they should check with someone first (family, friend, AUK etc) before making any payment.

      If we could make people aware when we talk to them.

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  6. Licenses should indeed be free for over 75s. It is so sad that these scamners prey on the more vulnerable ones. It would be easy to scam me because I am stupid! And I am only 72!

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  7. daryan12 says:

    I’d prefer replacing the TV license with a tax on internet services and private broadcasters. It wouldn’t cost any more than the TV license, but it would be fairer way of paying for it and easier to enforce. I mean I hardly watch the TV myself and could probably get rid of it and stop paying the license fee altogether.

    And there’s lots of people who don’t. TV detector vans don’t exist, if a TV license inspector shows up, just don’t let him in. Its basically a tax on honesty.

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