How to Use the Classic Block on the Block Editor on

For those of you who, like me, have some qualms about using the new ‘Block Editor’, here’s some information from Bella, who points out that there’s a ‘classic block’ we can use in the block editor.


AHHH why are forcing us to go the the Block Editor on the 1st June 2020. Well, I am sure you know the reason why.

If you are feeling daunted by this, and nervous, do not fear the block editor is easy to use. have thoughtfully provided a classic block with the block editor, which is effectively your beloved classic editor.

How to use the classic block

In this youtube video I show you how to use the classic block in the block editor, so that you can continue to create your wonderful blog post with an editor you are familiar with. Whilst, you secretly learning how to use the block editor!

If you can’t click the video below – click here to see the video. Enjoy.

I also create a youtube video demo-ing the basics of the block editor, which was my first youtube video ever. See…

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16 Responses to How to Use the Classic Block on the Block Editor on

  1. Please note that this a temporary work around whilst you learn the block editor. I plan to do more how to video that will help everyone create a basic blog post fast on the blog editor. The block editor is easy and I hope I can demo that to you all. I also want to create advance videos to help the wordpress community get past 1st june 2020 and still keep producing blog posts.

    Again using the classic block should not be your long term strategy. Just until you are comfortable with block editor. I am sure wp will remove this block and ask to convert to blocks. Again this is easy. I think wp had to create this block to aid data migration, for that reason might hang on to for a little while before asking it to be converted.

    Have fun

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  2. msjadeli says:

    Thanks for posting. The video is helpful.

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