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This is a really cool post from Paul Handover of Learning from Dogs. Check out these other Hubble posts of his, too:

(To hear the music — it’s only a 30-second clip — you will need to follow the link below to Paul’s original post.)

Learning from Dogs

Back to the space telescope!

I cannot stop engaging in Hubble stories and republishing them in this place.

The latest is an account, published here, of how scientists turned an image of a galaxy into music! Or rather added music to the video.

Here it is!


Cool! A Hubble photo translated to music

Posted by Deborah Byrd in |May 10, 2020

There’s no sound in space. But – working with NASA – musicians and scientists turned a Hubble Space Telescope image of a galaxy cluster into music.

We stumbled on this video via a May 3, 2020, re-post at ScienceAlert. Matt Russo and Andrew Santaguida of System Sounds in Toronto – which calls itself “a sci-art outreach project” – created the video. It’s part of NASA’s Astrophysics Visualizations series. NASA explained the video this way:

Space becomes sonified in this visualization of…

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2 Responses to Hubble into music

  1. The sound was effin disturbing!
    What were your thoughts?

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    • peNdantry says:

      I thought it was very, very cool. It reminds me of the sound effects used in the 1956 movie ‘Forbidden Planet‘. I went hunting for a YouTube clip to illustrate, and stumbled upon this ‘lost footage’ video (uploaded only a short while ago; here’s hoping it has some longevity):

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