How to ‘reblog’

An image of the 'reblog' button

What the ‘Reblog’ button looks like

Hitting the ‘Reblog’ button (assuming that it’s enabled on the site) allows republication of a blog article on your blog. By default, a reblog is categorized in the really useful (not) category ‘uncategorized’, so for best results it’s a good idea to edit the reblogged post and amend the categories (and perhaps the tags, too) appropriately.

WordPress support has an article that explains how to reblog.

There’s some debate over whether it’s good etiquette to reblog posts (discussed at length by Elizabeth on The Daily Post). Personally, I think reblogging is a good idea; I view it as a compliment to the originator and it helps to expand the reach of interesting posts.

How to enable the reblog button on your site

Go to Settings > Sharing and select ‘Show the Reblog button on posts’. Simple. (If you want to disable the button for some reason, select ‘Don’t show the Reblog button on posts’. Equally simple.)


  • The Reblog button only shows to users who are logged in at
  • The Reblog button only shows if ‘likes’ are enabled on a post
  • The Reblog button won’t show on sites that are private

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20 Responses to How to ‘reblog’

  1. I didn’t realize there was a debate I’ve reblogged a couple of times when someone has said something much better than I could ever say it. I’ve been reblogged once or twice. I agree with you. It’s a good way for good posts get get a wider audience.

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  2. blindzanygirl says:

    I have reblogged quite a few people’s posts if I have felt they deserved to be heard more widely. Some posts are absolutely brilliant. I always tell the person though. No one has ever refused yet. I too have had quite a few posts reblogged, and it always gives me a boostwhen that happens because it means that my post has moved someone in som way and as I am a oet, that is good.

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  4. Thank you for this helpful tip. I also agree that reblogging is a compliment to the originator and expands their reach. Sometimes I am dismayed when I can’t locate their “reblog” button. Being too inexperienced I suppose, I refer to the original post with a link.

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  5. Pastor Cathy says:

    categorized . Thank,. I don’t weblog yet is useful..


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