Can Bezo’s Billions Move the Needle on Climate?

It’s about time the PFJ took off! This is a start… we need the rest of the 1% to chip in, too….

Climate Denial Crock of the Week


Today, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced that he would be committing $10 billion to fight climate change through a new fund called the Bezos Earth Fund.

He announced new fund in a post on Instagram.

Bezos said that the money will be used to help scientists, activists, NGOs, and “any effort that offers a real possibility” to help preserve the earth from the impact of climate change. A person close to the fund told The Verge that it would not engage in private sector investment, but focus entirely on charitable giving. 

The fund plans to begin issuing grants this summer, but right now, there are few hard details besides what Bezos shared on Instagram, so it’s unclear exactly how or when applications for grants will be accepted.

Bezos is worth about $130 billion, so committing $10 billion to philanthropy isn’t taking a huge chunk out of Bezos’ net…

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Phlyarologist (part-time) and pendant. Campaigner for action against anthropogenic global warming (AGW) and injustice in all its forms. Humanist, atheist, notoftenpist. Wannabe poet, writer and astronaut.
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26 Responses to Can Bezo’s Billions Move the Needle on Climate?

  1. Instead of money, how about we all look at our own consumer habits which is half the problem of pollution. How about stopping geoengineering? messing with weather, HAARP!, How about personal responsibility, how about Amazon taking a good look at itself!!! It’s spy network of gathering information to help them sell goods. A great BBC Panorama documenty only aired last night on Amazon. Very enlightening.!!!! Could guilt be his trigger to contribute?
    I’m all for finding solutions we’ve known our climate is changing since way back into the 80’s have you seen science come up with anything as yet.
    We are all going to have to adapt. Change is here.
    It’s a living growing changing planet which we humans have taken for granted, raped, and messed with.
    We are also in a planetary cycle, no one speaks of except a few scientist that don’t get air time on mainstream.

    Earth, was warmer in the 1200’s if you research, with higher Co2. Levels!!
    We hadn’t got industry back then, but no one tells you this in mainstream. Earth warms up, cools down ice cores tell you this. We are now in that cycle again.

    No amount of money is going to stop nature, we’ve no doubt excellerated the problems, and made things much worse, but we are not the whole cause as we are told.
    As you can see I found your post early this morning here, which is why I probably never usually see them in the reader, as I go in late afternoon. 😁 But I’m painting today 😁

    Thanks for sharing, and thanks for listening to my rant. Have a great day 💚🙏

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    • pendantry says:

      Hi, Sue, thanks for posting your thoughts. With respect, I believe that you are mistaken in two respects: firstly, CO2 levels were not higher in the 1200s, nor was the Earth warmer then, and secondly, we are responsible for the current situation. I recommend a visit to Skeptical Science. However, I suspect that nothing I say will persuade you.

      I totally agree with you that humanity needs to take a big step back and examine itself. Corporations are very much to blame in this regard; their mantra is greed, they have little to no concept of morality or social responsibility — and they most certainly don’t respect the planet we share. Something has to be done to curtail the actions of these psychopathic organisations!

      I do hope you have a great day, too 🙂

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      • Look into the records of ice cores samples, I’m not in my computer or I would go find the data and I fully respect your opinion too. We would be a sorry world if all agreed and thought the same 💕 🙏

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        • pendantry says:

          OK, I just went looking for information about ice cores and I came up with this.

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          • And did you then go read the comments of Dan P 🙂 it depends on which data you research 🙏

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          • pendantry says:

            One’s opinion in this matter depends upon who one listens to, granted. But, I’m no climate scientist, I’m not qualified to ‘research’ this topic. Instead, I listen to the 98% of climate scientists who tell us that the fault lies with the stupid humans.

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          • But there in lies our problem, we rely on others opinions to be told what we should believe or not, We do not put ourselves out to do the research. We only presume what we are told is right or wrong.
            I’m not denying that the climate IS changing my friend, you only have to go a few miles away from me to see the horror of floods this week, and I’m not denying we have contributed to many of our problems related to climate, but what I’m saying is WE, are not the whole problem. There are other factors we are not being told by mainstream.

            This human isn’t stupid, and I do my bit as best I can to help our environment. But just setting up funds isn’t working, only those who are creating schemes seem to be benefitting. But they too will have to face the consequences, like the rest of us.
            We have to look at where we live, stop building on flood plains, move away from coastal low land, and fault lines, because believe you me, these are the next big disasters, waiting to happen.
            No one has the solutions, because we’ve never faced this in our time before. But you only have to look back in history to see how the geographical outlay of our planet has had oceans where there now are deserts.
            Change is constant. We have to adapt to those changes, or face the consequences, but I don’t see people wanting to change their comfortable habits do you???
            So we agree to disagree and time is ticking. 🙏🌿🌎

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          • pendantry says:

            I think we agree about more than we disagree about 🙂 Change certainly is constant, and we have to adapt to it; we have no choice. But where we do differ is where the fault lies.

            I believe we are to blame for this entire situation, not just through our noxious emissions but also through our other practices (intensive agriculture, over-fishing and despoiling the seas, being generally oblivious to the interconnectedness of all things and so on and on). And if we are to blame, then just as an alcoholic can’t be helped without first acknowledging that there’s a problem, we need to acknowledge the reality — as a race, not individuals — before real action can be taken on a global scale.

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  2. If Bezos is truly committed to this change then he faces an incredible task. A truly incredible task! For the fact is that within twenty-five years or so every one of us living on this planet has to learn to behave in different ways. Frankly, I doubt that it can happen. It’s not my style to be negative but the scale of this task feels overwhelming.

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    • pendantry says:

      Good article.

      A slow-handed, good-hearted captain of the Titanic is still a disaster just about to happen — a person blind to what hovers in the mist, a person who cannot feel its approaching breath.


  3. Susan H says:

    It’s great that he is doing this, but I have big concerns. Most likely these funds will go toward industrialized solutions. Industry is the problem and more of it won’t fix things. We need to dismantle fossil fuel infrastructure as well as all the industries that go with it, and redesign social systems so that we can all live without fossil fuel infrastructure.

    As things stand now, no amount of personal solutions will fix things when infrastructure is designed for us to drive a car to work, and to use all their gadgets for communication and play.

    I wonder how money could be put to use to redesign all our social systems so we don’t need cars, electricity, plastic, cell phones, internet, etc. Certainly it could be done but it seems this needs to come from the government.

    If anyone has the time we should be coming up with projects that could use his funds, then apply for a grant. In my opinion, those in power are not going to give up their profits willingly. The world is being destroyed to put money in their pockets. I suspect that nothing short of revolution will stop them from being able to continue to do so. Money could certainly support revolution, but most likely he expects the money to be spent on more industrialized so-called solutions, which does nothing more than put more profit in the pockets of those in power.

    I wonder if he would support a project such as Stop Fossil Fuels (


    • pendantry says:

      Hi Susan, thanks for your comment.

      To address your first point, to quote from the article:

      A person close to the fund told The Verge that it would not engage in private sector investment, but focus entirely on charitable giving.

      I agree that a big part of the problem is our infrastructure. For us to get off the fossil fuel merry-go-round, we need things like electric vehicles — and for those we need massive investment in a network of charging points, worldwide, as well as a means of generating the electric power to run it all. Governments should be stepping in, but they won’t do so to the degree it requires. It’s an all-hands-to-the-pump situation, as I see it. And we have multiple needs crying out for solutions, all of which require funding: how to tackle climate change is just one of them. The bee population is crashing, to mention just one thing, and nobody can really point the finger at why (*cough* pesticides *cough*).

      I also agree that those with the money and the power won’t give it up willingly, even though we’re all in the same planet-sized lifeboat, and no plan(et) B. I think that there must be something about the human psyche that thinks very short-term when a certain status is reached. These people have kids too; don’t they care about them?

      Having said all that, revolution is rarely a solution to anything; I think that its name is very apt (revolutions go around in circles). How many French Revolutions were there, for instance? “A ‘revolution’ is a revolt or an uprising unless it ends up ousting the government and replacing it with a new one. So basically, a revolution is a ‘successful’ revolt. Or a riot pushed too far”– not my words, I just stole them because I agree with them 😉


      • Susan H says:

        I agree that revolution rarely solves anything. Usually they simply put someone else equally bad in charge. I don’t know of any other way to get rid of our current harmful government however, as there isn’t that option on my ballet. We need actual wise adults in charge instead of those who keep running things as usual in the name of greed. There isn’t an option for a different system of government on any of my ballots, and there is no other way to change things here, so what do you suggest? I don’t like the idea of revolution, but I like it better than a planet that won’t support life as we know it.

        As for electric cars, I disagree with you. Electricity is a convenience. Electric cars simply put the burning (and mining) out of sight to keep the air in cities clean, but the industrial processes still go on wherever the electricity is generated. I see electric cars as a false solution.

        Renewable energy is only a solution if they actually replaced fossil fuels, which they don’t. Governments are expanding both renewable energy as well as fossil fuels. There is zero evidence that renewables, even if they actually could replace fossil fuels, are replacing them. Renewable energy is not replacing fossil fuels, instead it is growing the amount of electricity they can generate. And so-called renewable energy is destructive, too. I’ve seen the land where they build solar power plants, as well as wind turbine farms. They plow down old growth forests and deserts to build these things, and then they spray the ground routinely with roundup to keep it from growing back. And on top of that they kill wildlife that happens to fly to near. Renewable energy is the new ecocide, killing ecosystems that previously were seen as nonproductive.

        We must stop burning fossil fuels, that is the only logical answer to climate change caused by burning fossil fuels. Renewable energy is not being used to transition away from them, but is being used to boost their use. It is depressing. No one who has the power to do so is actually transitioning away from fossil fuel use. They are going to kill us all.

        The only solution I see is for those who care to dismantle fossil fuel infrastructure in whatever ways we can. And isn’t that a revolution? Because certainly I’d be stopped and imprisoned if I did the right thing and shut down the oil refineries and the oil extraction industries. To do that we would need a certain percentage of the population supporting this necessary work, and isn’t that what a revolution is? A support of that which is currently illegal? Revolution can be the destruction of fossil fuel infrastructure, rather than the killing of people. Imagine if we all got together and shut down the oil extraction and oil refineries. Yes, that would mean sabotage under current law, but no one has to get hurt. We only have to support those willing to do the hard work. We need to keep any (theoretical at this point) fossil fuel infrastructure saboteurs from being taken to prison, and instead to celebrate them for the heroes they are. And we can rebuild a better world without fossil fuels. That is my kind of revolution.

        Thanks for your reply.


        • pendantry says:

          As things stand our civilisation is totally dependent upon oil. It’s used to grow our food, transport it to our homes, to cook it. We need to transition away from this situation, but it can’t be done by shutting down the industry. We’d all starve, were we to succeed in doing that.

          We need alternatives. We’re smart enough to come up with them, but homo fatuus brutus currently can’t see the wood for the trees….


      • Marleen says:

        … we’re all in the same planet-sized lifeboat, and no plan(et) B. I think that there must be something about the human psyche that thinks very short-term when a certain status is reached.

        I agree, that is often the case.

        Or they are somehow able to convince themselves they will reach and create a new habitable planet.

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  4. Even a rock emits heat. There has been from the beginning of the Earth, Climate Change. The real danger is in the continued existence of all species of life. If all the money that is thrown at a contrived science based on computer-generated information was redirected towards an effort to educate humans to properly process their waste, the use of our extinction would not be needed to effect change. Man is not the creator, the Universe is more aware of its survival than the concept of any man’s solution. Give people the opportunity to protect themselves, and the Earth will adjust and continue to provide Life. All of Mr. Bezos and his money is just a way to continue to disprove the concept of Freedom. Great post.

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