Please sign this petition!

If you get a moment, please sign this petition. I have my doubts how much impact outsiders’ views can have on what is considered a cultural norm for one country, but then again if we stay silent, nothing can change…

Learning from Dogs

S. Korea is the only country in the world with large-scale, commercial dog meat farms.

Frankly, I wasn’t planning to publish a post today. But then in came an email from John Zande, he of the blog The Superstitious Naked Ape, and this is what I read: “Paul, hi… Really good news. The following email links to a petition supporting a bill that will end the dog meat trade in Korea. I know you’ll want to sign it. Share it around, too.”

John then linked to a petition over on the Lady Freethinkers blog.

Jean and I have signed the petition and now I am republishing in full what you can read if you go across to that petition page.



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13 Responses to Please sign this petition!

  1. john zande says:

    This filled me with a lot of hope this week. I lose sleep over this crap.

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  2. I will have nightmares about this. Thank you for sharing the petition.

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  3. Thanks P for sharing Pauls post, and yes I have signed it.. I often sign many of these type of petitions and hope that these horrendous practices will soon stop.. I know some of the barbaric treatment of dogs and cats have sickened me.. And some images still haunt me to this day.

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  4. Green Gravity Hackers says:

    This petition is not only required is s korea but also in other countries like china japan and even more to say . However I Think until we dont have mass people joined to this petition no change can occur

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  5. Ughhh so heart wrenching.

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  6. colettebytes says:

    I have signed many petitions about the dog meat trade, primarily because of the cruelty involved. Asians (not just Koreans) have traditionally had the idea, that stressed meat, full of adrenaline, but also as fresh as possible, is the best possible combination for curing a variety of health related conditions. It is for this reason, that with a little research, one will find gruesome images of the whole food animal trade in Asia. It is not reserved for domesticated animals, but for all creatures, even wild and endangered species. The cruelty involved is enough to make anyone with compassion throw up. It leaves images burnt into the psyche that some humanity must surely be psychopathic, narcissistic and predatory to engage in such horrors.

    There is a trend in some Asian youngsters to move away from these terrible traditions, and it should be fully encouraged by governments world wide, but they actually only give lip service to any change. Humans are cruel, and likely to remain so until we stamp it out. That is going to take a terrible disease spread by dead animals or war casualties in humans. Antibiotics are failing in their effectiveness. It is just a matter of time now!

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    • colettebytes says:

      I should add that most fresh animal meat in Asia hits the markets either alive, but tightly packaged together in containers, or freshly killed just outside of the market stall in less than savoury ways. The mass production of farm animals (for supermarkets) in Asia is abominable, not subject to any animal welfare laws, and questionably unhealthy. Yet fast food chains certainly like the cheap meat and will import those meats on a grand scale.
      You just don’t know what you are eating!

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