We are a way for the Cosmos to know itself

As a prelude to an article I’m working on now that I plan to publish shortly, I offer you Carl Sagan’s words…

The Cosmos is all that is, or ever was, or ever will be. Our contemplations of the Cosmos stir us; there is a tingling in the spine, a catch in the voice, a faint sensation as of a distant memory of falling from a great height. We know we are approaching the grandest of mysteries.

The size and age of the Cosmos are beyond ordinary human understanding; lost somewhere between immensity and eternity is our tiny planetary home, the Earth. For the first time, we have the power to decide the fate of our planet and ourselves. This is a time of great danger, but our species is young, and curious, and brave: it shows much promise.

In the last few millennia we have made the most astonishing and unexpected discoveries about the Cosmos and our place within it. I believe our future depends powerfully on how well we understand this Cosmos in which we float like a mote of dust in the morning sky.

We wish to pursue the truth no matter where it leads; but to find the truth, we need imagination and scepticism both. We will not be afraid to speculate, but we will be careful to distinguish speculation from fact. The Cosmos is full beyond measure of elegant truths, of exquisite inter-relationships, of the awesome machinery of nature.

The surface of the Earth is the shore of the cosmic ocean. On this shore, we’ve learned most of what we know. Recently, we’ve waded a little way out; maybe ankle-deep: and the water seems inviting. Some part of our being knows this is where we came from; we long to return — and we can, because the Cosmos is also within us: we are made of star stuff.

We are a way for the Cosmos to know itself.

About pendantry

Phlyarologist (part-time) and pendant. Campaigner for action against anthropogenic global warming (AGW) and injustice in all its forms. Humanist, atheist, notoftenpist. Wannabe poet, writer and astronaut.
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16 Responses to We are a way for the Cosmos to know itself

  1. Hariod Brawn says:

    I look forward to reading your article, Pendantry. The video reminds me a little of David Darling’s book Equations of Eternity, in which the idea of the universe becoming self-aware is explored.

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  2. Carl Sagan’s words should be listened to every day, and perhaps be a daily required reading by all those in school. For it feels like a watershed era that we are now living in and looking at the stars, both within and without, engages all of humanity at this time of need. (Sorry, didn’t intend to sound so pompous!)

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  3. Wonderful to see you again on my blog Pendantry :-D And a great clip from Carl Sagan’s great thinking..
    The Cosmos I am sure has a plan all of is own, and our little interjections are but irritants upon it like a blemish of a virus that will run its course and then be cued or eradicated. I doubt we as a species will ever find the cure, but I do feel some spores will keep floating around and will evolve eventually to live in harmony with its host.. :-D
    Sounds like you have been busy with your writing my friend.. and I hope to catch more of your work.
    Please give me a nudge should I fail to see your post.. For I am about to be on WP even less as I try to put some words together of my own.. :-D
    Have a wonderful week and a bright New Year
    Sue :-)

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  4. Good to see you back Wibble, got me curious now as to what you’re planning to publish. 🙂 Hope all is well with you and yours. 🙂 Big hugs your way!
    Jen. XXX

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  5. We are a way for the Cosmos to know itself. I love this phrase!

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  6. Eric Alagan says:

    Thank you sharing the Carl Sagan clip.
    When we try – only try because we can’t – take in the cosmos, we realize how inconsequential we humans are. And yet, without us, will it be whole? I wonder.

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  7. Eva Newermann says:

    Sounds very interestig. I live in Norway and have written a hildren’s book: Universet som et maleri and the english translation: The Universe a Work of Art. I just love Cosmos. I am also a painter and my favorite things are painting planets, moon,stars….🌈 Eva

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