Power grab on the Pacific Rim

You may want to click on the image below for a better view.

I sincerely hope you do, rather than linger here.

Infographic depicting the effects of the Trans-Pacific Partnership if it's allowed to go ahead

“The largest corporate power grab you’ve never heard of”

If you haven’t yet followed the link to add your voice to object to the rug being pulled from beneath our feet, the text you will see there is as follows:

To: Governments of Brunei Darussalam, Chile, New Zealand, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, the USA and Vietnam

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will massively boost corporate power at the expense of our climate and environment, human and workers’ rights, sovereignty and democracy. We strongly urge you to publish the text of the TPP as it stands now, reject proposals that would undermine your regulatory power and oppose this corporate power-grab.

Why is this important?

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a highly secretive and expansive free trade agreement between the United States and twelve Pacific Rim countries, including Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and Australia. Leaked text reveals that the TPP would empower corporations to directly sue governments in private and non-transparent trade tribunals over laws and policies that corporations allege reduce their profits.

Legislation designed to address climate change, curb fossil fuel expansion and reduce air pollution could all be subject to attack by corporations as a result of TPP. Additionally, the deal could criminalize internet use, undermine workers’ and human rights, manipulate copyright laws, restrict government regulation of food labeling and adversely impact subsidized healthcare.

The movement we are building locally, nationally and globally to move beyond fossil fuels and create a safe climate future is growing by the day and the fossil fuel industry is getting scared of the uncertainty ahead. The TPP is a symptom of this fear – a massive bid to overthrow any restrictions we might throw at them. But we can stop this. The might of our movement is greater than their money or manipulation.

Words of hope and optimism… wait, why are you still here?

Say no to the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

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Phlyarologist (part-time) and pendant. Campaigner for action against anthropogenic global warming (AGW) and injustice in all its forms. Humanist, atheist, notoftenpist. Wannabe poet, writer and astronaut.
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4 Responses to Power grab on the Pacific Rim

  1. mikestasse says:

    Yeah, signed this a couple of days ago. IMHO…… if Abbott and Co (our Aussie guvmint) sign this, the people should indict him/them for treason…


  2. Signed and sealed … and I gladly added my name to this.. Sue


  3. Lucinda says:

    Glad you shared this – it’s something that really, really worries me. Like Mike, I’m an Aussie and I too would chalk it up to (yet another) reason to indict Abbott


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