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Phlyarologist (part-time) and pendant. Campaigner for action against anthropogenic global warming (AGW) and injustice in all its forms. Humanist, atheist, notoftenpist. Wannabe poet, writer and astronaut.
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  1. publishing at 5.30 in the morning! mind you I only checked my emails because both little toes woke me with itchy athletes foot which I can actually blame on AGW. Seriously it feels like an eternal winter which has meant my feet have not spent their free time shoe less. AGW= rain and cold= boots and socks= fungal infection.
    rEVOLt the movie looks to be inspiring- maybe we will turn it around- but like the Arab spring there are plenty of other ideologies wishing to subvert it. As I mentioned in the technology threads recently- I don’t think liquid fuel alternatives are really worth it beyond providing plastics and fertiliser- we will change it is just what we will change into that is at issue, the challenge is really a social political one [me thinks] rather than a technical one.


    • pendantry says:

      Ah, there ain’t no way you can prove that I didn’t simply schedule the post for that time… 😛

      Plausible deniability: the scumbags use it all the time, so why can’t I?

      I agree completely that the change we need is social/ political. We have far more resources than needed to cure the problems we have; the problem is that the great majority of them have been appropriated by the greedy lying bastards. How to cure this inequity — and, peacefully — is the question… any ideas?


      • I think the blindingly obvious question is the one that gets overlooked. It is not the transition to post peak & agw world that is really the problem: people have and will change habits of a lifetime- we may even be happier for it. The real transition is political and social.

        The first thing is what occupy and the other revolts do is give people a belief they are important and what they value counts. But the hard part is the transition to governance [as the Arab Spring has found out] the same old bastards give themselves a make over and stay in power.

        the other big problem is some people don’t actually believe in equity [they say they do]. Do you think those stupid white men who manifest in the telegraph either as writers or commenters are working, as in paid shills of the oil/globalism industry? They are not even rich yet they are committed to protecting the wealthy.

        GOP in the US mobilises the dream- the belief that we are just as likely to make it big time so we had better not tax the rich because really we are taxing ourselves in the future. It is brilliant.

        Just as Jdelingbot can write without laughing -how environmentalists want to murder babies and steal their future- the same bullshit is gobbled up by millions. It is perverse, the twisting of the ethos of considering future generations into today’s selfishness.

        The cult of greed/excess/ consumption etc celebrity even- they give permission for us to be selfish, to be self indulgent. I mean- I may not need a iPhone 4 and in fact my iPhone 3 is barely a year old and has all the features but I would be letting myself down not indulging myself.

        I deserve the pay I get, I deserve to be considered a special case, I deserve the same respect as an expert, I deserve to be in denial of reality.

        The bastards know what to tap into- the money helps but it is not about money otherwise some pretty shitty movies, politics and even HD disc rather than blueray would be successes.

        The transition is straight forward- we vote for what is best not what is best for the moment but the sales pitch? Well the ’empty lives of consumerism’ the ‘lack of spiritual fulfilment’ has failed. It just leads to people trying to buy more crap and more people trying to sell it. [also I found the bit in the trailer where they all repeated ‘after me’ ‘the sky is not Exxon’s a little creepy- sorry, the sentiment is good but I don’t do that ]

        Things will just continue to get more crappy and will lead to a form of fascism in its true sense- that is. how we must regain the lost golden years by destroying this or that [insert persons or ideologies]. And even more power- oil companies will just tell everyone how they need their money to dig that bit harder and save humanity.

        I think we have to take on an almost parental role- it is just the truth- deal with it.

        Oh look it is 1:13am and you got me all thoughtful! And I would add the caveat that these thoughts are just mine and no specialness and I would love to hear some alternatives.


        • pendantry says:

          Jules — thank you for writing the words I would have written myself were my soul not so desparately resigned to the fact that we’ve lost this battle. The greedy lying bastards had our measure decades ago; they know what makes the man in the street tick, how to tickle him to get him to roll over and play dead. You only have to look at those people who throw their money at the (state-sponsored!) lottery, or see yet another organisation (that we were told would give us more choice) avoid its taxes, or watch another advertisement on the idiot box that preens our inner child, to realise that.

          … those stupid white men who manifest in the telegraph either as writers or commenters are working, as in paid shills of the oil/globalism industry? They are not even rich yet they are committed to protecting the wealthy.

          Clearly, such people identify with those they aspire to be — but will never be.


          • the link to your past post is appropriate. but rather than be resigned to defeat I would see it as a challenge. The age of enlightenment overthrew superstition- it took time and effort. My concern is perhaps surprisingly not a sudden global Sandy- it is the slow crappy decline which will be worse. The same b/s that feeds the current lies will find new scapegoats for our crappy lives. Already the stupid white men speak of greens with same language as Nazis spoke of their undesirables. I said Nazi, oh bollocks!


  2. Nice one! Will most definately watch it.


    • pendantry says:

      Me, too… when I can find it. These little guys: they make the films — but they don’t make it easy to watch ’em… (is that the fault of the big guys? Why do I think the answer to that is ‘yes’?)


  3. Reblogged this on Utopian Dreaming and commented:
    This looks like a fantastic film; love and collective action to change the world.


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