Inama nushif – she is eternal

During the ‘cleansing of the house’, Usul’s wife Chani gives birth to the children of Dune, Leto II and Ghanima. Meanwhile, Paul’s sister Alia oversees the removal of threats to Maud’dib and House Atreides.

Inama nushif
Al ­asir hiy ayish
Zaratha zarati

Hatt al-hudad
Al-maahn al-baiid
Ay-yah idare
Adamm malum

Inama nishuf al a sadarr
Eann zaratha zarati
Kali bakka a tishuf ahatt
Al hudad alman dali
She is eternal
No malice can touch
Singular and ageless
Perpetually bound

Through the tempest
be it deluge or sand
a singular voice
speaks through the torrent

Forever her voice sings
through the ages eternally bound
Sacrifice is her gift
one that cannot be equaled

‘Inama nushif’ is from the soundtrack to the 2003 SciFi channel miniseries ‘Frank Herbert’s Children of Dune‘. Sung by Azam Ali, the lyrics and score were both written by Brian Tyler.

Wikipedia (currently) claims that Brian pieced the lyrics together from fragments of the Fremen tongue that appear throughout the Dune novels; however, Hairy Ticks of Dune disputes this, which just goes to show you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the innerwebz.

Wherever the truth lies, this montage is undeniably beautiful.

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