Things are looking up for JourneyQuest

Things are looking up for JourneyQuestFor your enjoyment, here is a YouTube playlist of the complete JourneyQuest Season One.

(For obvious reasons, I’ll assume you’ve gone away, watched the whole thing — at least once — and have returned.)

Now then, please, pay attention:

JourneyQuest can’t continue without your support.

From about JourneyQuest:

Unlike big Hollywood shows, we rely directly on our fans to stay alive. And we like it that way.

Think about it: we don’t have to explain why having the orcs speak orcish is important to an executive who could overrule us. We don’t have a crowd of suits justifying their existence by spitting in our soup. It’s just us, and you.

Remember Firefly? How about Veronica Mars? Or Jericho? Or Farscape? We sure do. We remember trying to save them. But the tens of thousands of us who cared weren’t enough to move the Nielsen ratings. Or to sway advertiser’s or executive’s hearts. The bottom line was that they didn’t understand the shows and they didn’t understand us. (You wouldn’t believe the crap we’ve heard when pitching to the networks in L.A.) So why try to make a show in a system that’s designed to kill good shows?

Another thing. Studios and networks eat up a lot of money, usually out of the pockets of the actual creative artists. Plus, they get so paranoid about piracy that they treat their biggest fans like criminals. Ever had your HDMI system refuse to play a movie that you bought, fair and square, all because of some malicious code in the cable that decided to block the signal? Or maybe you’re one of the people who bought 1984 for the Kindle, only to wake up one morning to discover that had taken it back. These aren’t accidents. It’s a move by the people who control distribution to continue to control distribution, and furthermore, to train you to be happy licensing your media, rather than owning it.

We think that’s ridiculous. DRM treats the people who play by the rules like they’re pirates, while the pirates get to use their media as they wish. Meanwhile, copyright attorneys scour the web for potential file sharers and try to sue them into oblivion. In one famous case, they accused a fax machine of pirating music.

We want to do things differently.

If you want to see JourneyQuest Season 2, then don’t touch the magic sword! :)

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