It’s all a matter of ti-

ming. That’s what humour is, so I hear.
Sun Tzu said much the same of war.
The thing I find most interesting about the event that has been dubbed ‘climategate’ is not the details of the ‘hacked’ emails; it’s the timing of their ‘discovery.’
  • The level of security in any computer system is determined by the resources available to those who administer them.
  • Most universities are strapped for resources.
  • Most university students face years of debt ahead of them.
  • Most (all?) universities these days contain computer science students.
Q: Put this all together and what do you get?
A: A situation where it wouldn’t take very much effort to ‘hack’ into any university computer system.
Reading Climate Cover-Up: the Crusade to deny Global Warming by James Hoggan should be enough to convince anyone that there is a lot of thought, a great deal of money, and a huge amount of effort being spent by those who benefit from the raping of our planet on how to persuade you and me that anything other than business as usual would be bad for us.
The climate change nay-sayers and deniers are at war with those who believe that, after decades of delay and inaction, this may be our last chance to act to avert real disaster.
If I were in charge of such a war (on the deniers’ side), I would have bribed someone, months ago, to hack into the University of East Anglia’s computer systems. This would give me plenty of time to read through all of the Climate Research Unit’s emails, and do exactly what some of the scientists at the CRU are now being accused of.
With decades of email archives to examine, it’s inevitable that you’ll find some dirt to dig up. Having done so, the next step is… to wait to release your bombshell until just the right time for it to have maximum impact.
The United Nations Climate Change Conference (‘COP15’) starts in Copenhagen on Monday.
Have a good weekend.
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Phlyarologist (part-time) and pendant. Campaigner for action against anthropogenic global warming (AGW) and injustice in all its forms. Humanist, atheist, notoftenpist. Wannabe poet, writer and astronaut.
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4 Responses to It’s all a matter of ti-

  1. Pete says:

    Hello….a phyla….what? Sounds more interesting than what i do
    Anyhoo, ebay…can be a source of money for the unwanted crap in my cupboards and at the same time, a source of unwelcome hassle and problems. Just today I had a few auctions finish and one has been won by someone in spain – I state clearly on my listings I only sell and post in the UK. He asks what’s the problem and says he will pay – it’s sometimes not about the money – is it?Hopefully he will go away quietly.I often think about selling more on ebay and perhaps trying to earn a living that way but the hassle I get on the occasional items I sell does worry me.
    Interesting piece about climate change and those e-mails.Personally I don’t believe much of what is said about climate change after all – how else will the scientists get their lucrative funding and ther government will have to find something else to tax!!
    Take care


  2. Pendantry says:

    Hi Pete, thanks for dropping by.

    A phlyarologist is one who studies nonsense. As I mention, I only do it part time. I wouldn’t give up my day job, there’s not much call for phlyarology – well, not unless it’s labelled ‘banking’ or ‘free market economics’ or some such. I think I’m well qualified, I’ve been investigating humans for several decades now. I’m no longer surprised by their antics quite as much as I once was.

    This thing about climate change in particular really intrigues me. There’s a mass of growing evidence that strongly suggests that it’s a serious problem, and one that can be addressed; yet the way it’s being dealt with is governed by belief. The way ‘democracy’ works, politicians are hamstrung by being unable to act unless there is public support for their actions (and yet they do a great many things without such support merely by promising to do one thing and then doing another). And then of course there are the vested interests in the status quo, acting behind the scenes in various ways to manipulate public opinion; but those who suggest this is happening are often labelled as ‘conspiracy theorists’ (even though conspiracy is endemic within the human condition).

    It’s all very odd.


  3. Nikki says:

    conspiracy theorists? I am one of those I think, call it what you like, but I have long been convinced that there is a govenment conspiracy to drive all the citizens of this nation completley crazy. And no, I am not joking! Some of the utter nonsense we are asked to accept as government policy is enough to make you wonder what the hell is behind it all. Not even touching the Green Movement – there is quite enough without even mentioning that. Nanny State? ha, it’s far worse than that.
    YOU may not longer be surprised by what human beings get up to. I am not quite there yet. But I am far more surprised by what we/they PUT UP with. There’s got to be a reckoning soon – we beheaded kings after all – we only take so much before we snap. But is that what they really want after all? who knows? Okay, I know it was only ONE King and that was a religious matter but still….


  4. Pendantry says:

    Don’t start the revolution without me, Nikki 😉


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