Consumption: a way of death

Victor Lebow's 1955 statement on the purpose of consumption.
[Image unashamedly stolen from
The Story of Stuff.]

Our enormously productive economy… demands that we make consumption our way of life, that we convert the buying and use of goods into rituals, that we seek our spiritual satisfaction, in consumption… we need things consumed, burned up, replaced and discarded at an ever-accelerating rate.

Victor Lebow, Marketing Consultant
‘Price Competition in 1955’, Journal of Retailing

Sidestepping the quagmire of whether or not Victor Lebow was an advocate of this behaviour, describing a reality, misquoted, being sarcastic, or even whether these words were written by someone else of the same name; whatever the truth of their origin or their intent, these words cry out to be read, contemplated and acted upon.

Me, A Nobody (2009)
‘Consumption: a way of death’, Wibble

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5 Responses to Consumption: a way of death

  1. My browser blocked the first link. Just FYI.
    And yes, I roll my eyes at all the consumption.

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    • peNdantry says:

      Interesting. You’re referring to the link on the word ‘quagmire‘? I’ve tested it on Firefox, Chrome and on my (Android) phone, and it worked fine on all. What browser did you use? And can you expound upon the ‘blockage’?

      Thanks for bringing me back to this old post. I’ve taken the opportunity to rework it slightly – Victor Lebow’s words, being encapsulated just in an image, wouldn’t be indexed by search engines, nor accessible to blind readers, so I’ve put them into text. And the whole post is now recast in ‘blocks’ (with which, incidentally, I’m finally becoming more comfortable). Hmm… Could I ask you to try the ‘first link’ again? It’s possible – though, I would think, unlikely – that the original ‘Classic block’ may have been what was causing the problem, maybe this revision has fixed it…

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