The Hunt For The £ That ANSI Forgot

Day Four.
Lesson 25 of 29 of A Basic Course in Dvorak. Almost at the end of the course: I would have finished it today, were it not for yesterday’s discovery and the ensuing hunt for my missing ‘£’. Incidentally, the first place I found it wasn’t the best: Arjen van Kol’s Dvorak international extended keyboard layout, although it’s a terrific, multi-functional, multi-lingual layout, isn’t the best for Brits.
I found a layout over at, quaintly labelled "United Kingodom-Dvorak". Note the typo. I almost missed it, scrolling down the list. It’s at times like this that I bless my typo-spotting curse; I wasn’t even looking for a UK-Dvorak layout, but this typo leaped out at me and jumped up and down, shouting "Coooooeeeee!".
"Did you mean to search for: United Kingdom-Dvorak?" Google asks: well, yes, Mr. Paperclipson, except that in this case I DO actually want to search for "United Kingodom-Dvorak" coz some klutz’s speelchucker got broke.
What makes the United Kingdom-Dvorak layout better for Brits than Arjen Van Kol’s International one is that UK-Dvorak puts the £ back where it belongs, on SHIFT+3. There’s a € symbol too, on Ctrl+Alt+4 – exactly where this keyboard I’m using shows it to be – so I’m "€uro-ready" as a bonus 🙂 Check out the attached image.
If you’re interested (and I guess if you’re not you probably clicked off a long way back) these layouts are compatible with Win XP and 2000; I don’t know about Vista and other Windozes.

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