Dvorak beats QWERTY hands down

Addendum 11Sep2007

Those ‘nice people’ at ‘Texperts’ fed me bad information. Following a suggestion that Mark Kislington used a Stenotype (NOT a Dvorak as Texperts claimed) I wrote to the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA). Their response was:

Mark Kislingbury achieved the Guinness record using a stenotype machine, which uses a keyboard originally designed by Ward Stone Ireland nearly 100 years ago. Here are links with more information:


Marshall Jorpeland, Director of Communications, NCRA

I’ve struck through the bad info in the original post and have amended it accordingly. Apologies for polluting the blogosphere :(

Addendum 14May2022

Two of the links in the NCRA quote above are now dead, so I’ve unlinked them.
Various other minor amendments also made to this post.

I have just had the following confirmed by the nice people at ‘Texperts’:

Gregory Arakelian (USA), of Herndon, Virginia, holds the Guinness World Record for a standard keyboard (i.e. QWERTY) (- possibly a Dvorak?). He set a speed record of 158 wpm, with two errors, on a personal computer in the Key Tronic World Invitational Type-Off. He recorded this speed in the semi-final, in a three-minute test, on 24 September 1991.

Mark Kislingbury of Houston, Texas, USA holds the Guinness World Record for using the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard a stenotype machine. The National Court Reporters Association speed and real-time champion achieved 360 words per minute with 97.23% accuracy, at the NCRA 2004 summer convention on 30 July 2004.

QWERTY‘Standard keyboard’: 158 wpm, DvorakStenotype: 360 wpm.

OK, perhaps his accuracy wasn’t that hot, but Mark’s keyboard must have been!

There’s more info on the Dvorak keyboard layout in The Technical Geekery, in case you’re interested.

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3 Responses to Dvorak beats QWERTY hands down

  1. Pete says:

     Hey Colin
    Thanks for dropping by and your comments.
    Interesting stuff about the keyboard. I always knew there were alternatives to qwerty and I even knew that that qwerty was designed to avoid jams on typewriters. But to know that it has almost been surpressed despite its clear superiority to qwerty is amazing – most people can accept change cant they??
    As for your thoughts – it is true, most politicians don\’t have the feintest idea what is really happening. Politics seems to be more about statistics and spin and any fool will know that if you ask the right question, you get the statistics you want. I don\’t think revolution is beyond the realms of possibility to be frank. People are getting tired and fed up with the state of this land and that will turn into anger and an appetite for a fight. Whether it is because of immigration, whether it is because of lawlessness and anti social behaviour – I can see it happening. Not necessarily in a blood spilling coo – but in the parties such as the BNP gaining more voters and more power……..
    Have a good day
    Take care


  2. Lo says:

    I\’d still have to relearn Dvorak after Qwerty, and I really don\’t fancy going through uni, two graduate degrees, and journalism work AGAIN to get me up to the current level (I rarely looked after taking typing class at 16, but it took ages for me to be fast at it).  Are you sure it would actually be better?  : S


  3. Sally Ann says:

    Sounds good to me, although I\’ll stick to QWERTY thanks, seeing as I\’m faster than a whippet on amphetamines.


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