The same difference

My status changed today. For the last three (ish) years I’ve been telling people I’m ‘unemployed’: and perhaps it’s all been in my own head (what is it the psychoquacks call it? Transference? Reflection? Something like that). Maybe I’ve been mistaken, but I’ve detected a tendency on the part of some to treat me differently from they way they did when I was last gainfully employed. The obvious ones are those who make the wisecracks about "sponging" – perhaps in honest jest, but any joke wears thin after the tenth telling.
Less obvious – and perhaps more mere figments of the imagination – are those who seem to discount my point of view simply because they’re paying tax, and I’m currently not (no consideration for the god – and of course the inland revenue – knows how much tax I’ve paid to date throughout my working life).
Quite probably paranoia, all in my own head. As Slartibartfast said: perfectly normal, everyone gets that. 
What’s changed today is that I’ve set up a website to promote a service I’ve been thinking about offering for some time now. Yes, I really should have done something about it much earlier, but what’s done is done, water under the bridge, c’est la vie.
So as of today – I’m no longer ‘unemployed’: I’m now ‘self-employed’. Even though the new business hasn’t paid a bean, as yet. And I’m really not doing any more or less than I have been for a while now. Such a simple thing, and yet such a difference.
So much depends on the way we perceive things. Peculiar thing, consciousness.
Most odd.
… ah, I suppose I should pimp the website I refer to above 

About pendantry

Phlyarologist (part-time) and pendant. Campaigner for action against anthropogenic global warming (AGW) and injustice in all its forms. Humanist, atheist, notoftenpist. Wannabe poet, writer and astronaut.
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4 Responses to The same difference

  1. Julia says:

    Typos are a fact of lief!


  2. Deb's says:

    Hi Colin,
    thanks for calling in again.. I thought I\’d scared you off for good last time.. but nope glad to see you found your way back…lol… although in saying that I may just have put you off for life after my last piece… I gather it was a painful task trying to list your positive traits.. well it was for me and I\’ve just done mine.. going to publish them either tonight or in the morning.. no more questions with the next one though…  :))
     Congratulations on the new business venture … I wish you all the very best with it.. and hope it is successful..
    and you\’re right people do look at you differently when you tell them you are not working.. but I view it as a shortcoming of theirs rather than … I do work within my home but it is unpaid….but because I do not sit behind a desk in an office or well anything else that involves going to another building and being paid for my time and efforts, people tend to look as if at me as if well if you\’re not working ..why aren\’t you? I also think it is easier for women to stay out of work than men… there is more social pressure on men to still be the bread winners.. general providers..
    As for perspective, it is always better to change your position regularly when looking at your own life…and consciousness develops and opens only as a result of shifting our personal perceptions and interpretations of ourselves.
    Once again… wishing you the very best of Luck.. and your typo was "lief"..
    Have a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend…
    love n hugs


  3. ellen says:

     ha,ha,thanx for the educational info,(allotment)lotty as we like to call it,
    and yes there is a waiting list in out village also,allotments have really taken off again now,
    suppose its something to do with veggies getting expensive now day,
    plus quality time together is shared up there,can be hard work though,hubbs calls me the www .
    weeding, watering, whinging.
    cos there the jobs he seems to always give me to do,lol,well have a great day,and pop back soon,cudds :O))


  4. Lo says:

    Even on the extremely short occasions when the descriptive is warranted, I prefer the term \’between jobs\’ … but, self-employed is better than that, even. It implies you make your own rules for how and when you work and can conduct business meetings with your laptop and phone whilst still lounging in bed (I know someone with a consultancy who has admitted doing precisely this). : )xxLo


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