Paradise Unpaved

Believe it if you will or not, it is true, what I say:
At the turning of the wheel of the twentieth century
(Nineteen hundred’s what I mean, a hundred years ago)
Trams and trains and automobiles, all were on the go.

Electric ones.

Mr Ford conspired with sleazy tyre and oil-rich barons
To pave the way to this land of grimy tarmac barrens;
Driving off with greed the healthy competition’s crown
He bought them up and then he brought them smashing down.

Thanks, Henry.

Judge Doom’s laughter echoes from the past, maniacally shrill:
As toons ourselves we live with his mad legacy, still.
Long inured to the folly of the diurnal commute,
Slow-burning dinosaurs along the painful, jam-packed route –

– and back, again?

I daydream of the time when this insanity will cease,
Relinquished to a simple, noisome conversation piece.
When we reside more close, nearby the place of work;
And are issued mountain bikes as a welcome company perk.

Home, working.

Henry’s spectre rides again: with public funds to thank
‘Public’ transport’s ownership sails gaily to the bank.
To the challenge we must rise, face our absurd rat race
It’s time to rip up roads, lay down fair lawns in place:

One long park.

About peNdantry

Phlyarologist (part-time) and pendant. Campaigner for action against anthropogenic global warming (AGW) and injustice in all its forms. Humanist, atheist, notoftenpist. Wannabe poet, writer and astronaut.
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7 Responses to Paradise Unpaved

  1. Graham says:

    I suppose it was lucky for the swan.


  2. carole says:

    ‘rage rage’ is when you’re in a rage already & then have additional rage compounded on top. Actually, it’s a typing error; should read ‘road rage’. That’s the trouble with rage, the red mist clouds your ability to see what you’re writing!
    Is ‘skiing skiing skiing’ skiing on 3 consecutive occasions or all in one hit? x 


  3. Lo says:

    I have a friend who fantasises about no public ownership of vehicles, per environmental concerns as well as the aesthetic horrors wrought by luxury SUVs owned by people who never take them off paving. 
    It’s a nice fantasy …


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  5. Photobucket link appears broken to me (when I open it, I see a broken image icon on a dark green backdrop).

    This was a wonderful piece you’ve penned.

    I always enjoyed trams. Why aren’t they really a thing these days?

    Liked by 1 person

    • peNdantry says:

      Thank you, fellow 💥 ?Random Raider! 💥 for reminding me of this long-forgotten poem – and for enablng me to fix that errant link, now removed: the cause of its absence was photobucket’s move to try to ‘persuade’ me to begin paying for a service that I no longer need, after providing it free for years. As they refuse to tell me which images I’m storing on their site that contravene their recently imposed ‘no hosting’ rule, I’m buggered if I’ll accede to their blackmail. Unfortunately, I can’t recall what that image was, and I can’t think of anything appropriate to replace it, so my words will have to stand alone, at least for now.

      Thank you, too, for your kind compliment.

      Trams? They’re still around in some places. I’ve been on them in San Francisco, Paris, and Sheffield. Arguably, we ought to be building more of them; as for the reason we’re not, perhaps that question needs to be firmly put to those profiting from the fossil fuel industry.

      And now to return the favour, with a ?random trip to the dailyflabbergast! :)

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