Blur which project

One day about five years ago (2002-ish) I was walking in a wood in Derbyshire with a friend. We weren’t following a path, we were just wandering. The wood wasn’t very large, there didn’t seem much danger of getting lost.

It was a fine day, but the afternoon was drawing on; the evening was clearly going to be a chilly one and we were dressed in light clothes. We had no map but could tell from the position of the sun which direction to head in to get back to the car.

It was odd though: no matter which way we went, the wood seemed to conspire against us, forcing us out of our way. Bramble patches, walls, thickets, streams… all seemed placed to persuade us to go south when we wanted to go north, downhill when we wanted to go up.

And then we stumbled upon a clearing, in which stood a post, about eight foot high. It was surrounded by twigs, stacked around, almost to the top. Scattered about at the foot of the post were more twigs – presumably once part of the structure – that had fallen off.

A strange structure in a forest -- a post, around which twigs are placed to a height of about six feet

I picked up a couple of these twigs, thinking to replace them on the top of the pile, but they just crumbled, completely rotten. Whatever this thing was, it had clearly been here for a long time.

Not long afterwards, we found our way out of the wood. We went back another day to try and find the post again, but couldn’t. Perhaps it had simply collapsed.

Whenever I look at the photo I took of it (which at some point got buried in a pile of paperwork and absorbed some of the ink from a sheet it was stacked with, hence the black lines on the image) I can’t help but wonder about who it was who erected this structure, and why.

I imagine that it was one person (or group, perhaps?) who planted the pole in the ground, and also placed the twigs around it. Had they returned to maintain it? Had other people, passing this oddity, come by and replaced fallen twigs, as I had tried to do?

Was it a piece of art? Or a marker – a pet’s grave, perhaps? Buried treasure?

About peNdantry

Phlyarologist (part-time) and pendant. Campaigner for action against anthropogenic global warming (AGW) and injustice in all its forms. Humanist, atheist, notoftenpist. Wannabe poet, writer and astronaut.
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1 Response to Blur which project

  1. Vicky says:

    Colin! Hello again. Strange things can be found in woods sometimes, can\’t they. Walking in the Forest of Dean some years ago with a friend we found a completely square banked and ditched enclosure which was not shown on any maps we had. It was obviously old, bronze or iron age maybe  but nobody at the hotel we were staying in knew anything about it and I have never been able to find any reference to it either. Your pole looks like something kids or perhaps treehuggers might have made and puts me in mind of those heaps of stones (which are not cairns) on hilltops. Everyone going that way picks up a stoneto add to the pile when they get there. Interesting how your form has become overprinted onto the pic!
    I think we all have trouble with time travel and the paradoxes which could come about if we did not watch what we were doing. There are laws, physical and logical but they are not always relevant to all situations. While it is not possible to becomes one\’s own mother, or father, for instance, or to change the course of events in your own favour, or to others\’ detriment, there are knowledges and foresights which can be gathered and gained which can alter the aforementioned indirectly. Split seconds can make differences, shorter timespans than making an actual decision can take, which of course this brings us back to the binary, the yes/no/off/on/black/white/go/nogo part of life itself. If you are being pursued by a bounty hunter (for instance) think of the shape of a capital letter Y. If your pursuer is chasing you up the leg of the Y from the bottom both of you will eventually reach the fork. At this point you must decide which way to go – left or right. Instinctively you will go left because it is broader but in that split second of decision making you dive to the right because it is narrower and darker. Your pursuer must make the same decision, some split seconds later, based on his own agenda, which will be different from yours…………….  
    Hope you have a pleasant and stress free Easter holiday…….. XVickyX


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