Anyone want a copy of EQ2?

… if so, you can’t have mine.
I’ve been on Evercrack (EverquestII) for the last two years.
I’m off it now, I’ve cancelled the subscription, I’ve uninstalled the game and I’ve left the fantasy land called Norrath. Back to Reality!
This isn’t the first time I’ve given up EQ2. It’s the fourth. They don’t call it ‘Evercrack’ for nothing, y’know! Fingers crossed, I won’t have a relapse this time…
… although if I do feel the urge, I have a copy of EverquestII: Echoes of Faydwer sitting on my shelf here. It wouldn’t take long to reinstall it, all I would have to do is uninstall Medieval 2: Total War (which I’m now hooked on in place of EQ2) to make room for the almost 10Gigabytes of the game, resubscribe, wait a few hours for the patches to download, and Robert would be my Mother’s brother.
I’ve never been a fan of digital downloads. Yes, they’re convenient – until you need to do a reinstall, either because you’ve uninstalled the software or because your computer has suffered a hard disk crash – something that has never yet happened to me, but happens (always to other people) all the time: all machines eventually fail.
If there’s a piece of software I want to be sure I can reinstall, I want to have something physical I can lay my hands on that I know I can use to reinstall it. If I ever do have a computer decide to up stumps and retire to the pavilion, once I’ve built the replacement, I don’t want to have to scrabble around on the Internet trying to find a website (that has probably moved or even disappeared completely) only to find that in order to download the digital copy I bought X years ago, I need to dig out a software receipt… that exists only on the computer that curled up its tootsies and went to join the bleeding choir invisibule.
Where was I? Oh yes, I was saying that I have a copy of EverquestII: Echoes of Faydwer here. This is the latest version of the game, and it includes all three of the expansions (Desert of Flames, Kingdom of Sky and Echoes of Faydwer). If I were buying a new copy of it (from somewhere like here) then this package also includes a 30-day subscription.
EverquestII is a VERY good game. It kept me entertained for two years. Yes, it’s a subscription-based service: but in my opinion it is incredibly good value for money. As an entertainment, it’s way, WAY better than television (not to mention cheaper, and don’t let me get started on the adverts).
Strictly speaking, EverquestII is not a ‘new’ game – although the Echoes of Faydwer expansion was only released a few months ago, in November 2006, so that part is arguably ‘new’. ‘New’ does not always mean ‘better’. EverquestII has the potential to continue for several years yet – if it can attract new players to replace those people like me who (try to) leave it.
The odd thing is, it seems that there aren’t any copies of Echoes of Faydwer available (at least, not in the UK). Ebay currently has some for sale – in the US. I could ‘Buy it Now‘ for about £16 including P&P from the US if I were prepared to wait for it. There is ONE (yes, just one) copy for sale in the UK on eBay at the moment, on an auction that expires in 3 hours time – if I were to want to buy that one, I would have to pay over £19 for it (if I ‘won’ the auction, that is).
Of course, I don’t want one (I’ve already got it). And, I’ve given it up 🙂
The price at is £16.99 including UK delivery. But – they don’t have any in stock. It’s on order. I’m told that their supplier has only 100 on back order – and that’s not enough to justify a reprint.
The supplier wants to see an order for at least a thousand copies in order to reprint. Fair enough. But… why is there (apparently?) no demand for this product? When I was active on the EQ2 forums, every now and again I would see someone mention how much they had struggled to get a copy for a friend. Why the struggle?
Of course I can always go to and get a 7-day trial copy for free. And then if I liked the game I could buy the full version. But that’s a digital download. Not a nice touchy-feely physical copy that I can stick on a shelf and allow to gather dust until I might need it again.
And of course, I don’t want one (I’ve already got it). And, I’ve given it up 😀
So… if you want a copy of EverquestII – perhaps you could leave a comment here to say that you do. All it would take would be a thousand ‘me toos’ to persuade The Powers That Be that the demand is there.
Why do I care? Simple. As I said before, EverquestII is a good game. OK, so I’ve given it up, I’ve left the game (I think I mentioned that already). But let’s be real about this: when I DO go back – I want it to still be there to go back to!

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